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Blackjack is one of the worlds most iconic games when it comes to casino games. It has been played at physical casinos for a number of years. With the game now being brought into the modern-day with online versions. Online Blackjack is now one of the most popular games at any given online casino. Therefore, here at Casimboo we aim to bring you a huge range of online Blackjack to suit any players play style. The games we provide have a range of special features, side bets and all come displayed in HD.

So what do they all have in common? They all offer an authentic online Blackjack experience online, whether you’re playing from a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. Here at Casimboo, we believe that players like variety. Therefore, this is what we have delivered with our impressive range of virtual and online Blackjack games. As a result, you can test your knowledge and style of play virtual and real dealers. 

The only question you have left is which online Blackjack game you will play?

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About Online Blackjack

If you are a new player to online Blackjack, you will need to familiarise yourself with the game before you pick what game to play. With that in mind, you will find that online Blackjack is very similar to regular Blackjack offered in physical casinos. Therefore, you will find that almost all online Blackjack variations use similar rules to the original game. And the objectives remain very similar throughout, obtain a hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer, without going bust. If you are new to the game, busting is the term used when a hand is more than 21, as a result of this happening, the game is lost. 

When starting a game of online Blackjack you will be dealt two cards initially. When you know the value of your cards combined, you are given the option to hit, stand or double down. All of the online Blackjack variations we offer, use a very easy to navigate interface and clearly laid out buttons. If you want to learn about the game before you play, you can find all the information you need in the games details page. This will provide you with a good idea of what to expect. 

How to Play Online Blackjack

European Blackjack is a fantastic introduction to the less experienced player. It offers a realistic game simulation with a straight-forward interface. European online Blackjack makes learning the ropes of the game easy to use controls alongside a face-to-face experience against the house. This version of online Blackjack is a no-fuss approach, allowing you to place bets easily, see your cards and decide on your next step. 

The well known double down and pair split bets are offered, making this online Blackjack game much like the original. One of the best moves that can be done while playing this kind of online Blackjack is the insurance bet. With this, if the dealer has a Blackjack then you will receive the 2:1 payout as well. However, European online Blackjack is not the only variation we have on offer for players. Find out about all of the versions on offer in our library. 

Live Online Blackjack

Are you looking for that real-life Blackjack experience online? We have a range of Blackjack games here at Casimboo which you can play with our Live Casino dealers . Here is where you can immerse yourself in a real Live Blackjack table experience. We offer some of the leading online live Blackjack games that come with real-time had quality video streaming. Meaning, you will feel like you’re sat directly at the table. 

Playing Live Blackjack games are quickly becoming the next best thing to playing in an actual casino. This is because it is a real live game that is played with an actual dealer that you can interact with. The Live video stream has some graphics overlaid, which contains all of the controls you need to play. There are many camera angles offered while playing Live online Blackjack, which give a fully immersive experience in stunning high definition. Therefore, allowing you to watch every move that is made. This aspect along with the side bets and special features make for an online Blackjack adventure you will not forget.

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Frequently Asked Blackjack Questions

We welcome new players to Casimboo everyday, however, we also understand they there may be a number of questions about online Blackjack. Therefore, we aim to make everything as clear as possible. With online Blackjack being such a popular game, it is understandable that players want to seek some knowledge before they play. 

One of the most asked questions we get here at Casimboo Casino is, can you play online Blackjack for free? This is because new players often like to learn the game and practice before playing. We offer demo play, so players can be sure they understand the online Blackjack game before they play. To see if the game has a demo mode available, check the thumbnail of your chosen game. You will see a demo mode button there. It is important to remember that when playing in demo mode, you are not entitled to any of the winnings that you accumulate. 

What is the Difference in the Online Blackjack Games?

As explained above, Live Blackjack used an actual dealer and a traditional deck of cards to produce a result. However, online Blackjack uses the same software as slot games. The only difference being, it has been modified specifically for each game. This software is regularly audited as part of the regulations that we follow here at Casimboo. Therefore, knowing you are playing a certified fair game.

Playing on Mobile… Can I at Casimboo?

Yes, you can play on almost any mobile phone. Playing on a smartphone or tablet device has become the new norm when it comes to Blackjack. Therefore, you will find that our platform offers a smooth gaming experience on most devices. There is no need to even download an app, as you can access Casimboo from your devices internet browser. You will have to make sure that you have an internet connection to access the casino lobby. 

Is It Always Played Against The House?

The simple answer is yes. Because the game allows 1 player, there has to be a dealer. However, when playing online Blackjack and the many variations we offer the cards are dealt to you automatically. If you want to look for the return to player rate, you will find this in the game information page we provide. This is where you will also find information regarding the individual games bonuses and features incorporated. 

Can You Use a Strategy to Play?

There are numerous strategies out there that Blackjack ‘experts’ have come up with. It is fine to try out any of them that you find intriguing in the online Blackjack here at Casimboo. However, it is worth keeping in mind that no strategy can give a guaranteed success. There are some features implemented in games that will change the rules slightly. Therefore, your chosen strategy may not work with the game you have picked. 

How Many Decks Are Normally Used?

With the game of Blackjack using cards to get the result, traditionally a casino would use between 4 and 8. However, as the cards are virtually dealt in online Blackjack the equivalent number is used. Therefore, giving you an experience that is as close to the actual game. This will vary between all of the variations available in the Casimboo library.

How are The Cards Shuffled?

As we briefly described above, the online Blackjack games rely on an RNG to give the result. This removes the process of having to shuffle the cards as they are randomly generated. This aspect makes the games fair to play as techniques such as card counting cannot work. When playing Live Blackjack, the cards are shuffled regularly for the same reasons. 

What Kind of Blackjack Can Be Played at Casimboo?

We pride ourselves on offering the best of the best for our players. And our online Blackjack games are no exception. Therefore, you can immerse yourself in titles from the top developers in the market. You will see names such as NetEnt and Microgaming as these develop some of the highest quality table games you can find online. VIP players can enjoy our selection of higher stakes games that give a number of other fantastic features for players to benefit from as well as other great perks. 

What Are the Odds of Winning When Playing Online?

The odds of winning while playing online Blackjack vary from game to game. However, those games that stay true to the original game will pay odds of 3:2 for instances of a Blackjack. If your hand exceeds the dealers without going bust, then odds of 1:1 are paid. Side bets that are offered within the game will pay different odds depending on which bet you place. However, they usually pay off a higher amount than the standard Blackjack bet. You can find out the payouts for each game in the information or payout page. 

Does Casimboo Online Blackjack Follow The Traditional Rules?

Not every online Blackjack game is the same, however, the core of each remains the game that everyone knows. The differences usually come in the form of special bets or features that are added into the game. Some of the most popular variations of online Blackjack even use aspects of other casino games in their gameplay.

What is the Highest Bet You Can Place While Playing?

The highest bet you can place in an online game of Blackjack is another aspect that varies from game to game. For example, Atlantic City Blackjack will offer you one maximum bet. However, Vegas Downtown Blackjack gives a much higher bet limit. It is worth noting that the VIP range of online Blackjack has the highest payouts, because of the higher stakes that can be placed. 

How Can You Play Blackjack at Casimboo?

If you have never visited Casimboo before, you will find that you cannot jump straight into playing. Therefore, the first step needed is to register to make an account. You must remember to verify your account. Then you are ready to make a deposit, this will allow you to play the online Blackjack games that we offer. You may be able to participate in our welcome promotion, however, read the terms and conditions to get the full details of what is offered.

Once a deposit has been made and you have funds in your account, you are ready to look for the game of Blackjack that suits your play. To find our impressive collection, navigate to our casino games tab to find all of the classic games. However, to find the Blackjack games specifically, you can filter the types of games. We offer this with a simple click to show every online Blackjack game we can have available. Once you have chosen your game, you are ready to start your Casimboo Blackjack experience. 

European Blackjack

European Blackjack online is one of the most popular titles that we offer here at Casimboo Casino. Of all the games that we offer, this one follows the closest to the original game. It is very simple to understand, as it is a no thrills variation. As a result, when you learn the rules to play, it will usually be this version of the game that you are learning. The game does offer amazing 3D graphics that displays the game as if you were playing at a virtual table. The game interface is easy to use, allowing you to control the size of your bet. More importantly, it allows the control of your next move.

We do in fact offer two different variations of European online Blackjack. However, they are from different operators. Therefore, you will find that although these are the same game at the core, they will offer slightly different gameplay experiences. 

Once you are well versed with how this version of online Blackjack is played, you will be able to move to another with ease. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for any new player wanting to get used to the game. You can then try out the other fantastic versions of online Blackjack that we have on offer. 

Can you Play Blackjack with Our Welcome Promotion?

If you qualify for our welcome package, you can use this in your online Blackjack experience. However, you must make sure that you meet all of the requirements in able to receive the bonus mentioned. Once you have made the deposits needed, you will receive the bonus into your casino account. Therefore, when you decide to play an online Blackjack game, you will play using the bonus funds first. This is great as it saves the deposited funds, however, there may be wagering requirements on any winnings made. 

You can find all the information on the terms and conditions imposed on our welcome package in the promotions information page. Be sure you read these thoroughly before you take part to fully understand what terms and conditions are contained. 

Once all of these steps are complete, you are able to choose which game you wish to play. Here at Casimboo, this is very easy to do with our responsive game library. It will automatically change whenever you change and option. You can even search our whole range by the game developers. This is just one of the filters that you can use to show the different games in our range. 

Is Casimboo a Trusted Online Blackjack Casino?

You will be pleased to know that we hold all the needed licences and certifications needed to operate as a safe and trusted online Blackjack casino. All of the games we offer have been audited by a third party company. This is to guarantee that every game gives a completely random and fair result every time. Along with the security features used such as encryption, it is our belief that Casimboo Casino is one of the safest places to play Blackjack online. You can read more information about the security features we use in our casino information pages that we have.