European Blackjack at Casimboo

Part of being the very best place online to play the classic casino games online, means we have to have many games. However, we believe in a simple life here at Casimboo casino and think sometimes too much can spoil something. This is the same when it comes to games. When you play a game that is stuffed with features, you find yourself just wanting to play the core game. That is where a game like European Blackjack comes into its own. Because this is a no thrills attached version of Online Blackjack

The original game has been played for many decades in casinos, and this online version reflects the European version. Being the perfect game for any kind of player. Both beginners wanting to learn the game and seasoned players looking to play a simple version of their favourite game. This is because it offers all of the regular moves that the traditional game offers. Offering players a high-quality online experience of Blackjack.

Playing Finding European Blackjack within our library is very easy. If you are already navigating around our game library, you will be able to find it within our Blackjack section. When you click on the casino tab, you will be shown all of the classic games that we offer. If you cannot find it this way, you can use a filter to narrow down the search even further. You can use the game search feature if you want to be taken directly to the game. 


About European Blackjack

First offered in 2006, this version of Blackjack has stood the test of time within the market. Developed by the legendary Microgaming. They are at the top of their field in game development and are a well regarded and trusted name within the industry. Therefore, you can expect any game from then, let alone European Blackjack to be great quality. 

When you load up the game, you are greeted by the classic Blackjack table. Everything you would see on an actual table is there, in the place you would expect to see it. Thanks to the genius minds behind the developing team, this game is displayed in vibrant high definition. The interface is at the bottom of the display, giving you all the aspects of control you need to play the game. All of the settings for the game along with the bets that can be made are controlled here. This is where you will also be able to control your bet size which can be between 1 and 100. It is worthing familiarising yourself with these controls, so you know how to play the game. 

As it is good to play the simple game every now and then, it is expected that European Blackjack will prove to be a players favourite within our community. It has held its position as being one of the most popular table games for many years now. Therefore, it is fair to assume that this game will also prove to just as played here at Casimboo Casino.

How to Play

The game of European Blackjack has been played for many decades. Therefore, many online casino players are already very well versed with how the game works. The main difference between the actual game and this online version is the fact that there is no dealer controlling the game. Instead, this game is controlled by RNG software. This kind of software is used throughout the industry on many kinds of games. It is this software that is set with the return to player rate, which for this game is 99.6%.

The aim of European Blackjack is to score 21, or a close to it as possible using the cards you are dealt. You are given two cards initially, however, can have more added a lot with placing more bets. You do not play against other players when playing Blackjack. Therefore, you are against the dealer. If you get a higher hand than the dealer, then you win the round. However, if the dealer gets a higher hand then they win. If your hand exceeds 21, then this is known as a bust and you lose your stake in the round. 

Some of the bets that are included in the game of European Blackjack, will have to be learned. This is because they each have specific names. If you take a hit, you are asking for another card. Whereas, taking a stick will let the dealer know you do not want to take any extra moves. Saying bet is quite self-explanatory. 

European Blackjack Bonus Features

With this being a no thrills version of Blackjack, the only extra feature you will find is an insurance bet. This is an extra bet that is placed as a precaution. In the circumstances that the dealer’s hand goes bust straight away, you do not lose your stake. Therefore, you are given some of your winnings back as part of the insurance bet. This kind of bet is only offered at certain points throughout the game so it is best to make use of it when you can. 

The centre of a European Blackjack table is where you place your bets when you are playing. This is known as the pot. This is where the term Jackpot comes from. Unfortunately, this game is not connected to a jackpot. Therefore, relying on the maximum win of the game for players to look forward too. This is not a bad thing as the game is a simplified version of other casino Blackjack games. Therefore, connecting it to a jackpot would only break that trend. 

One of the best features of this game that has not been mentioned is that is cross-device compatible. Therefore, you can play European Blackjack on a smartphone or tablet as well as a desktop easily. The game works smoothly and is easy to navigate no matter what device you decide to play on. Overall, this is a fantastic addition to our library here at Casimboo Casino. Like playing in 3D? Take a look at 3D Blackjack if this interests you.