Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand at Casimboo

At Casimboo Casino, we aim to be your first thought when it comes to casino games. To do this, our library that we offer you has to be top-class. Therefore, it must include the best of the best in terms of casino games. And what kind of collection would that be without Blackjack? With Blackjack being one of the most commonly offered games at an online casino, we felt that we had to include the best titles offered. Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand brings the classic game up to date for those looking to play the classic game. 

Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand adds an extra edge to the traditional game. Bringing the well-known version that is played in the Monte Carlo casinos online. This is a welcomed variation of the already popular game. It offers very similar gameplay but with a few surprising twists and features. Also offering easy to follow rules alongside these fantastic Blackjack features. 

Finding Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand is a straight forward process here at Casimboo. It is popular enough to feature within our featured games. Therefore, easy to find. However, if you are already searching our library for a game to play then you will need to go to our casino tab. You will then see all of the classic casino type games that we offer to play. Alternatively, if you want to be taken directly to Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand, you can use our dedicated game search feature. 

About Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand

It can be difficult to develop a new version of the classic card games. However, NextGen Gaming has done an excellent job when it comes to Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand. Bringing all of the aspects of the Monte Carlo Casino version cleverly to your screen. As a result, they have even thought about the odds that this version of the game gives. Therefore, you will find that the return to player rate for this version of online Blackjack is 98.55%. Players that are used to playing this kind of game online will know that is higher than the regular return to player rate. 

The core of the game is essentially the long played game of Blackjack. When you first load up the game you are welcomed by the much familiar green-topped table. With the deck of cards at the top of the page, it gives you space to see what is going on during your Monte Carlo style experience. The controls are displayed along the bottom of the interface of Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand.

All in all, it is a very clean and high-quality version of the online game to play. One of the better factors of this game is that was developed with cross-platform play in mind. Therefore, you can enjoy the title from a desktop computer or a mobile device. This is, along with the fast action gameplay is possibly the reason that the game is so popular with our players.


How to Play

As briefly mentioned above, Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand is based on the core game or Blackjack. However, as you cannot physically play with cards online a virtual deck is used. To make sure that a random result is given to every card draw, RNG software is used. There is no need to worry about this as it has become an industry standard for online casino games. You are guaranteed a fair game here at Casimboo Casino as all of our games have been audited to ensure a random result. 

If you know how to play Blackjack games like Vegas Strip already, you will pick up the rules of Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand very quickly. The game plays like the regular game, with the aim being to get 21 or as close to it as possible. This is of course without going over that target. You place bets before each hand is drawn, with bets from 0.1 to 1000. This is controlled by the game betting controls along the bottom of the interface. Some of the bets that you can place resemble those of the traditional game. However, there is one bet that has been changed to give this game a unique variation to play.

Another factor of the gameplay that can be pointed out is that it uses a 6 deck shoe. This means all the cards used in the game are 6 regular decks combined. This differs from regular games of Blackjack that usually use 8.

Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand Bonus Features

When you look are the range of online Blackjack games offered at Casimboo, you’ll notice there are many different versions on offer to play. All of them have slightly different features incorporated in them to give them different and unique gameplay. However, when it comes to the classic table games it can be hard to add a feature without ruining the already famous game. 

That said, the developers of Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand have done an excellent job. They have managed to incorporate a couple of features into the game to improve the Blackjack experience the players look for. One of the more known of these is the insurance bet, this is protection so the player does not lose out if the dealer wins. However, the more interesting feature added is the Split change. You can choose to split the hand in half so that you are then playing with 2 hands. This gives you twice the chance when playing this great version. 

Compared to other online Blackjack games, Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand offers an excellent chance to land the winning pot. Thanks to the fact that you can split your hand into 2, gives players double the excitement. With such a huge potential stake, you can imagine that the maximum win of the game is equally massive. Here at Casimboo Casino you can give the game a practice using the demo mode that we provide, find the icon for this in the upper right of the game icon.