Single Deck Blackjack at Casimboo

At Casimboo, our mission is to provide you with a platform to enjoy a whole host of casino games. That might be at home on a desktop or tablet. The opportunity might even arise to play cards or table games on a mobile. One such game is Single Deck Blackjack. As players, you love to embrace a challenge and what better way to do that then against a dealer. One on one, you have to beat them in a classic game of 21. This is the other nickname given to Blackjack, simply because it is the sole purpose when you play.

Both yourself and the dealer get a pair of cards dealt from a pack of 52 in Single Deck Blackjack. The cards range from an Ace (value of 1 or 11) to ten. Face cards like Jack, Queen, and King also have a value of ten. A Blackjack is a face card and an Ace together. You can hit, stand and split after you see both of your cards, depending on the current value.

Once you get the hang of it, Single Deck Blackjack is a fairly simple game. It dates way back to the 17th century, starting in Europe. Both France and Spain believe to this day it began in their country. Now you can enjoy lots of different variations at casinos like Casimboo. We want to give you the option to choose and find the game you find most entertaining. You can also try your luck with 3D Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Blackjack and lots more. Each has its own rules, so it is important to check before betting with real money. You can try out the demo mode as an example to see if you like it.

About Single Deck Blackjack

If you did not know already, Netent is a pretty big hitter in the online casino industry. They have been around for more than two decades, after their formation as a group in 1996. Since then they have produced many quality casino products for consumers to enjoy. This includes Single Deck Blackjack, which was released in 2005 and remains popular to this day. Casimboo is excited to welcome new players who have never before played online Blackjack and those who love the game and want to try the traditional form of the classic card game.

With this game, Netent focused on the basics. Not too heavy with graphics or features, they instead put their energy into making a single deck game that could be entertaining for novices and experienced players alike. In comparison to other online Blackjack titles at Casimboo which focus on multiple decks, such as 3D Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack goes back to basics. Flashing back in time to where it all began, with 52 cards and a game of chance. If you count cards, it makes it much easier than trying to memorise multiple decks.

Players love that side of it. A simple card game without any gimmicks, special features or over-the-top flashy graphics. Just you versus the dealer in a round of Blackjack with some entertaining music in the background. Who can get to 21 first and claim the pot? Fans of the Casimboo have already noted how great the game looks on mobile. Very few buttons to press and clear prompts let you know what stage of the game you are at and the options laid out in front of you. What more could you want from Single Deck Blackjack?


How to Play

While Blackjack started as a single deck game, it has now become so much more than that thanks to the internet and casinos wanting to increase the house edge. Technology has created multiple ways to play, meaning you can play Blackjack 24/7 at any time of the day on mobile, tablets or desktop devices. Single Deck Blackjack is easy enough to understand if you have never played before. Only two players (you and the dealer) makes it much easier to follow than with multiple online players. It is quick and easy, with speed settings if you wish to make it draw of cards faster or slower.

If it comes to a draw, the bet you made returns to you. Single Deck Blackjack has a very high return to player percentage of 99.55%, making it one of the highest from Netent. The way casinos put the odds back in their favour, and with this game, in particular, to make card counting harder is by shuffling the deck before each pair. Therefore, this makes it harder to memorise what is left from the 52 card possibilities. You also have the option to double, which is good, if your pair amounts to a value of 10 or 11 max. Should you wish to split, that is also a possibility, depending on what cards you have. Bets will double in value when you decide to do this, with each taking its value, while Blackjack will not count on split cards.

Single Deck Blackjack Bonus Features

With card games, you do not often get gimmick bonuses like with Slots. While they get spins, nudges, and progressive jackpots, Single Deck Blackjack is a more sophisticated simplified casino game. One of the main features of this particular game is the opportunity to insure. This means when the dealer has an Ace in the initial pair that you can see, you have the choice to take insurance.

Therefore, you bet half of your original amount as an extra on whether the dealer gets a Blackjack with the remaining card. Should they do that and a face card is revealed alongside the Ace, you get a payout of 2/1 odds. What you miss out on with Single Deck Blackjack in comparison to other Blackjack titles is the chance to turn around a bad hand. With most games, you have more than one pair, which means you can split multiple decks to increase the chances of several good hands. Overall, if you want a steady game or want to learn more about Blackjack as a beginner, Single Deck Blackjack is the ideal game at Casimboo.