Vegas Strip Blackjack at Casimboo

If there is one thing that Vegas is known for, it is casinos. But how can you enjoy the same vibe but without leaving your home? Well, thanks to the exciting library of games offered at Casimboo Casino you can exactly that. But we think our collection of online casino games would not live up to standard without Vegas Strip Blackjack. Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games you can play, however, this version incorporates all of the styles of Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas is often known as a fast-paced, high adrenaline place, especially within the casinos. Vegas Strip Blackjack tries to reflect that, offering a vibrant play interface. With a high-quality display, the game is easy to navigate. This easy navigation makes the whole gameplay experience smooth for any device that you use. Therefore, you are able to play on both mobile devices and a desktop computer. 

Of all the online Blackjack games that we offer, Vegas Strip Blackjack is the most played. It offers a sneak into the world of Vegas Style games. Therefore, you will find this offered through our featured game selection. If you are already playing another game, you can click on our casino tab to find all of the classic table games. You will find Vegas Strip Poker among the titles that are shown. However, to be taken directly to the game then the game search feature is what you want to use. Just begin typing in the name of the game and it will show up instantly.

About Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack hit the online casino market in July 2007 and was welcomed by the whole industry. Developed by the very well known casino game producer Microgaming. Many players already know games from Microgaming as they have been in the online casino games industry for many years. As a result, having many impressive titles under their belt such as Vegas Strip Blackjack. 

The guys at Microgaming have put all of their combined years of experience to produce an exciting variation of Blackjack. Therefore, it is perfect for both new and experienced players. The Vegas aspect of the game come from the high return to player rate of 99.65%, combined with the lower house edge. This is one of the features that has helped make Vegas Strip Blackjack as popular as it is today. When you enter the game you are met with the familiar green table that the game takes place on. 

With all this in mind. It is expected that Vegas Strip Blackjack will go down a storm here at Casimboo Casino. As we only want to provide the very best calibre of games, this title fits in perfectly with our top-class selection. This game has received many positive reports all over the internet. Therefore, we are sure that our players will take the opportunity to play Blackjack just like at the Vegas Casinos. We believe this title is the sort of high-quality game that our players want to see.


How to Play

If you have ever played Blackjack before, you will know that you need a dealer to play. However, as this is an online version the dealer is replaced by RNG software. This is a standard for all games across the casino market. Vegas Strip Blackjack also uses this kind of technology to get the outcome of each hand. However, just like all the games here at Casimboo, they are audited regularly to make sure they still give a fair and random result. This is also the case for every game we offer. You can try European Blackjack out as another great suggestion of a safe and entertaining game.

As Vegas Strip Blackjack is based on the traditional game of Blackjack, the rules are pretty much the same. You will have to set your bet size before you play, then you will be dealt two cards. The aim is to get your hand to reach 21 or be as close to it as possible. However, the dealer also has a hand to play, you must also have a higher amount than what they do. You can add more cards however, if you go over 21, then it is known as going bust. This means you will lose the round and the dealer will take whatever you have placed in stakes. 

To actually play Vegas Strip Blackjack, you will find the games controls along the bottom of the game interface. Therefore, allowing you to place the well know bets like a Hit or to Stick. This is also where you will find the controls to change the value of your stake. All in an easy to use layout for all devices.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Bonus Features

There are are a couple of optional bets within the game of Blackjack. These come in the form of Insurance bets. This is basically a covering bet that allows you to bet on the dealer winning. Therefore, when you lose a hand, you will still receive some funds in return. This kind of bet is offered while playing Vegas Strip Blackjack and can be found along the bottom of the interface. This is when it is offered. 

However, the key standout feature to Vegas Strip Blackjack is the deck shoe. In a regular game, it is common to have 8 decks used. This makes it very hard to determine which cards come out. Therefore, this version only uses 4 decks in total. This helps give the player a much higher edge to the play, in turn meaning the house is more likely to lose. As this is an online version of the well-known game, this factor has been taken into account in the RNG. Therefore, being as true to life as it can be. 

Some online versions of Blackjack come connected to jackpot prizes. However, with the small deck shoe, the high return to player rate and the low house edge this version give players a huge amount. Depending on your style of play, the payouts that come from this game can reach some impressive amounts. Luckily if you want to practice before you play properly, we offer a demo mode. This will allow you to get used to the game before you play for real.