Live Auto-Roulette VIP at Casimboo

Live Gaming is the latest trend in gaming to be given a giant boost in its popularity. With the classic casino games being offered in a brand new way to the industry. If you have ever wanted to play at an actual table but never had a chance too, this is your opportunity. Live Auto-Roulette VIP, is just one of the fantastic titles making a name for itself. That is the reason we felt it just had to be included within our great online game library. 

Live Auto-Roulette VIP gives you everything you want from a Roulette experience online. With the game being displayed in high definition, you are greeted by a physical dealer. This is what attracts players to this kind of gaming, the fact that they are so close to playing at an actual table. This is because what you are seeing is an actual dealer. You will be playing a game with someone who is stood at a physical table, ready to play the game.

Finding our Live game collection among our library is a simple task. Navigate over to the Live casino tab and you will find all of the games we have on offer. However, to find Live Auto-Roulette VIP, you can use 2 methods. The first being the search feature, start typing the name and our responsive search will show you the game instantly. You can apply a filter of the suppliers, using this will show you all of the games from one specific supplier.

About Live Auto-Roulette VIP

Live Auto-Roulette VIP hit the online casino scene in 2013, as is the supplied by Evolution Gaming. If you like to play Live casino games then you will know who these are. However, if not then you will be glad to know that Evolution gaming is at the very top of their game. They are the leaders in supplying the highest quality Live Casino games. Want to know one of the best features of Live gaming? All of our Live Casino games are offered 24 hours a day.

Many players look for Roulette online, however, Live Roulette works slightly different. This is because it is possible to have an actual dealer conducting the game. This means that the outcome of the game relies on the traditional method of a wheel. Many players prefer this to an RNG because it remains true to the game, and more like how it is offered in actual casinos. The only difference is that this game is streamed to your device is stunning high definition. Another fantastic factor of Live gaming is that you see the game being played out in front of you. Again, thanks to Live streaming technology used to bring you Live Auto-Roulette VIP. 

Because the traditional way is used to get the outcome of each round, the return to player rate is generally around 97.30%. With this in mind, we are positive that Live Auto-Roulette VIP is going to be one of our most played Live games here at Casimboo.


How to Play

As mentioned above, most Live online games have a dealer conducting how the game is played. While also following the rules set out for that particular game. This all happens in front of cameras, which allow the game to be streamed Live online. A graphic overlay is then put over the video, displaying all of the controls needed to play the game. The information you input here is then sent to the dealer so they know what actions you have taken to carry on the game. Some games may even offer you an option to interact with the dealer directly. 

With Live Auto-Roulette VIP, it takes Live Roulette to another level. Although, everything about the game is just like the traditional way you play. This version does not use a dealer. Instead, the wheel is constantly spinning and the balls are released automatically. This gives the game the name of Live Auto-Roulette VIP. With this kind of play incorporated into the game, it is possible to achieve many full rounds in a short period of time. Making this a very fast action version of Live online Roulette that you can play. 

This kind of Roulette game is for the player that wants to play live games, but without the hassle playing with a dealer. If you can cut out the unnecessary time spent spinning the wheel and setting the ball rolling, you should. This is what gives you the option to play more rounds in the same amount of time. If you still want to play with a Live dealer, then Live Platinum Blackjack is a great choice.

Live Auto-Roulette VIP Bonus Features

Because Live Casino is one of the very latest forms of entertainment in the casino industry, you will very rarely find any bonuses connected to the games. This is other than in-game features. As a result, this is the case with Live Auto-Roulette VIP. It does not offer any kinds of bonuses or features. Therefore, not having a dealer conducting the game, any features given out would be hard to undertake. 

However, as the name of the game suggests, Live Auto-Roulette VIP is a VIP style game. This means that the games return to player rate has been tweaked to give the player more of an edge. It also changes the limits on what bets can be made while playing the game. This is because VIP players are often allowed to place a much higher stake than usual. This, in turn, gives much higher rewards possible.

When it comes to jackpots, Live Auto-Roulette VIP does not offer any kind of Jackpot play. This is because of the VIP status the game holds. This game is exclusively for VIP players. Therefore, part of being a VIP member here at Casimboo are unique bonuses and promotions designed especially for you. This game is part of the exclusive collection that is offered. Therefore, it is felt that a Jackpot is not needed to improve the gameplay. Another fantastic feature is that the game can be played on mobile devices. This means you can put out your smartphone and play this great VIP version easily from the Casimboo library.