Live Baccarat Squeeze at Casimboo

Casimboo exists solely to serve the players. We want to create the ultimate casino experience that customers of all levels enjoy. On our site, you will find many top casino categories such as Slots, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and of course Baccarat. Most of those game types can be played in our Live casino with real dealers. Live Baccarat Squeeze is one of our latest titles, which offers an enriching online challenge.Not resting on our laurels, we do not just want to offer one version of each game, but many.

That way, you can make an informed decision based on the level of research you have done into which title you might like. Check out some demo modes and reviews to see which could be your favourite. Each has its own set of rules and with Live Baccarat Squeeze, the same rules apply. It is a game purely of chance, but with a social aspect we know you will love. You play against the dealer, with three types of bets available as well as side bets.

We also have Live Baccarat Lobby if you want the immersive real-life experience, where you can choose from lots of different games. Alternatively, check out Baccarat Control Squeeze, Dragon Bonus Baccarat and much more for a plethora of choice. The perfect game exists for you. Remember you can try them out first in demo mode to see which one you like and move forward from there to real money games if you fancy a challenge. Overall, we want to provide a great experience for our players and that is why we offer you so much choice. You can join in the fun simply by signing up at our online casino. Once you do that, you can test out whichever games you like. Follow through the easy steps to join the community of players who like what they see with Live Baccarat Squeeze.

About Live Baccarat Squeeze

The anticipation alone as the dealer shows the cards is enough excitement for any casino enthusiast. That is without considering all the different features on offer. So how do you decide which Baccarat game which is best for you? What makes Live Baccarat Squeeze so special?

The game of Baccarat is all about suspense. You can bet three ways; on a tie, for the dealer to win or the player. In a computer version, card revealing is quick. However, with Live Baccarat Squeeze it is an entirely new concept. With every suspended camera angle, the anticipation reaches peak levels. When the dealer reveals the cards slowly for the high wager, it is exciting. You do not get a casino game like it with such intense actions. Released by provider Evolution Gaming in 2015, they have grown further since as a brand. Following that five year period, they have added a few more strings to their bow. For instance, Live Baccarat Control Squeeze is also available with Casimboo.

Some players might like Roulette for risk-taking, Slots for variety or Blackjack for that competitive edge. However, our members at Casimboo love the tantalising aspect of Live Baccarat Squeeze. The streaming quality and various camera angles inspires. While the performance of the dealer revealing the cards only adds to the experience. It might only be a few seconds between each round, but the anticipation is at an all-time high with Baccarat in a live environment. A much cleaner experience than computer-simulated versions.


How to Play

With Live Baccarat Squeeze, it is different from traditional Baccarat because of the real-life aspect. You get more than 15 professional cameras of the highest HD quality directly focused on the cards. This all comes to your screen on desktop, mobile and tablet devices from a variety of angles to add suspense. They can be drawn quickly or slowly based on your preference. The squeeze is noted as the best part of Baccarat and the live experience adds to the glamour of the event in a beautiful land casino backdrop.

The rules are fairly simple to pick up, with only a few rounds under your belt, you will be well on the way. A number of players can get involved in the action too, which makes it more interesting, as well as a live chat option at the bottom left of the screen. On the right, you have a scorecard that notes the history of your bets and the sequences of previously drawn cards. As well as banker, tie and player bets, you can also participate and add to the intensity with a variety of side bets. These can be placed before your initial bet. For example, you can do perfect pairs too. Maybe you like playing with in auto-mode, take a look at Live Auto-Roulette VIP for some great entertainment.

Live Baccarat Squeeze Bonus Features

Players like to see a range of features, both in terms of bonuses and tailored made features for the game to create a better all-round experience. At Live Baccarat Squeeze, you can get both to spend as much time as you like to enjoy our Casimboo options in a real-life casino streaming environment. Some of which, we have already discussed. The range of bets you can do as well as side bets are something many players already enjoy at Casimboo. The opportunity to make further side bets as well as your original bets is a real plus.

Also, the visual aspect of the game really stands out as a highly anticipated feature of the game. Who would not appreciate Live Baccarat Squeeze in a live setting with a friendly dealer revealing the cards slowly for maximum effect? Using multiple camera angles, it creates a sense of build-up not seen in Baccarat before. The game has been played for centuries, but never enjoyed like this in an online set up from your home. No Baccarat game comes close to the overall experience from Evolution Gaming. You also get a drop-down menu that provides the rules as well if you are a beginner.