Live Blackjack Lobby at Casimboo

There are so many casinos to pick from online in an over-saturated market of games. So the question remains – which one is the best for you? That depends on the game you wish to play and a variety of other factors. But know this – at Casimboo we intend to provide you with so many great titles that you will feel spoiled for choice. Whether you like Blackjack, Slots, Roulette or Poker, we have it all on our site. Excellent graphics, multiple payment options, the freshest new titles, and great Live casino options mean you have everything you need on one convenient platform. So many players love Blackjack because it is just you against the dealer. To improve the experience, we also have a Live Blackjack Lobby for you to enjoy something a little different.

It is our job to give you lots of different options so that you can find the best option to suit your preference. Players around the world love Blackjack because it combines a slice of luck with a real challenge – beating the dealer to the value of 21 in a game of cards. What’s not to like, right? What we do at Casimboo is give you even more choice. That way, you will surely find something to match your preferences and taste for gaming. With Live Blackjack Lobby, you enter another world entirely. In the online casino industry, there are lots of different Blackjack tables. But which is best for you? How do you whittle down your options?

About Live Blackjack Lobby

It was back in October 2018 that provider Evolution Gaming decided to merge technology with a real-life casino experience just for you. If you miss the social aspect of visiting a casino but enjoy playing from any location including your own house, this is the perfect blend. Hosting from a land casino in Latvia, several dealers are available to deal cards directly to you via a live video stream. You can pick from several options from the comfort of your home, creating a combined level of relaxation and gaming never known before with casinos. Casimboo is extremely delighted to partner with Evolution Gaming to bring you the future of Live Blackjack Lobby.

In the past two years, they have perfected the experience to make it even more tailor-made to players old and new. Whether you want to use a desktop, tablet or mobile, it does not matter in the slightest. All are optimised to enjoy on the go or at home. That way you can get the best experience, navigating through the screens with ease on your chosen device. At Casimboo, players love the level of interaction, choices at their disposal and features from Live Blackjack Lobby. You might just be starting with your first experience as a player on our website, or an experienced pro looking for an enhanced level of online gaming from a live stream. Casimboo covers all the bases.


How to Play

Online Blackjack is a simple enough game to understand, but do not worry if you can not understand it straight away. The beauty of Live Blackjack Lobby is you have Live dealers on hand to guide you through the whole process. They are trained professionals, well mannered and presented with a smile on their faces to players of all levels. Live Blackjack is an improvement in comparison to computerised Blackjack for many reasons. It creates a great level of trust to start with because you can physically see the cards being dealt with you. At any table, you can have seven players, plus a Bet Behind feature too meaning unlimited amounts of players.

Also, the same Blackjack rules apply like any game of 21. A player gets a pair of cards and the dealer too. The player goes first and tries to reach a value of 21 before the dealer, getting a face card (Jack, Queen or King) and an Ace to achieve Blackjack ideally. You also have the option of 21+3 side bets and a variety of tables with different minimum and maximum limits. That is without mentioning perfect pairs too which adds another dimension to taking on the casino house edge.

Live Blackjack Lobby Bonus Features

Generally, when you play Blackjack you have a high return to player percentage. That increases even more with Live Blackjack Lobby because you have eight decks at any one time. You can do a perfect pair side bet, which means when you get your cards, you could win more money before placing your first wager if they are matching in numbers or colours. Alternatively, a 21+3 side bet is just as handy if you want to take added risk to try and win more. With so many options available, it is no wonder so many love Live Blackjack Lobby.

There are also several features available to make each game more interesting. This includes ‘Pre Decision’; to stand, hit or split at the same time as the other players at the table. You can also join the Blackjack Party, which feels just like a TV show with a friendly and chatty host as well as the dealer to make it an all-round more immersive streaming experience.

Another cool option you can pick from the main menu is ‘Speed Blackjack’. This creates a situation at the table. The first person from the table to hit, stand or split gets their next card dealt first before anyone else. Timing is everything in Blackjack. When you combine all these factors and features, it creates an amazing online Live Blackjack Lobby experience. Best of all, it can be played on multiple devices from anywhere you like. Fancy something a little different but still with a great Live dealer? Try out Live Baccarat Squeeze, many other players like this too.