Live Platinum Blackjack VIP at Casimboo

Here at Casimboo Casino, we like to be ahead of the trends when it comes to the kinds of casino games that we offer. Therefore, with Live gaming becoming so popular among the casino industry. It is necessary for us to provide players with the very best Live gaming opportunities. Live Platinum Blackjack VIP does just that. Bringing players some of the very latest technology that we have to offer here at Casimboo Casino. This is just one of the reasons that this fantastic game was added to our extensive Live game library.

Being a Live game, Live Platinum Blackjack VIP is played the using the traditional methods. This is made possible by the high definition streaming technology that is used. Therefore, when you play the game, you are met by a physical dealer. The dealer will be trained to a high standard in regards to conducting the game. Therefore, giving the feeling that your playing at an actual table in a casino. 

As we have such a big range of games on offer here at Casimboo Casino, it may take a while for you to find Live Platinum Blackjack VIP. However, we have features incorporated to help assist in your search. You will find the game featured on our homepage due to the high number of players that look for it. Alternatively, you can use our responsive game search option to take you directly to it. Simply start typing in the name of the game to see the title instantly shown.

About Live Platinum Blackjack VIP

This fantastic Live Blackjack variation was released in 2016. It is provided by the industries top supplier of Live casino gaming, Evolution Gaming. They are at the top of their game when it comes to Live Casino options. Therefore, offering some of the biggest game titles in the sector, with Live Platinum VIP Blackjack being one of them. 

Many players who have played online Blackjack will be used to how the games work at online casinos. However, Live versions of the game do not use the RNG software that the regular games use. As this software is only implemented to replace the dealer, there is no point in using one. This results in the game being found the traditional method means it is a lot closer to the original game provided in actual casinos. All of this is streamed and transported to your device using the latest technology. This is another factor that makes this kind of online gaming more trusted than the regular version.

With the outcome of each round determined by the traditional pack of cards. The return to play is determined completely by the style of play. As a result, you can expect to see a return to player rates of 99%. It is hard to see this kind of return rate offered in regular versions of Live Blackjack, just another way that Live Platinum Blackjack VIP shines through. This is not the only attractive feature offered, as there are a number of other features on offer. Like the sound of this? You probably will also like Live Blackjack Lobby, feel free to check it out.


How to Play

As Live Platinum Blackjack VIP has a dealer, the game can be played just like the regular online casino version. You may think this is impossible however, a graphic is laid over the high-quality live stream. This is what allows you to interact and place bets on the game. This interface is what lets the dealer of the game know what move you are making. This is very easy to navigate and follow no matter what device you are playing one. Therefore, games like Live Platinum Blackjack VIP are available to play on smartphones as well as tablets and desktop computers. 

The core game of Live Platinum Blackjack VIP is, of course, the well-known game of Blackjack. Therefore, anyone who has played the game before should be able to pick up the rules. However, for those who are new to the game, it is a classic game of cards. You are dealt 2 cards along with the dealer, with the aim of reaching 21 or getting as close as possible. As a result, you can place bets and make moves to add extra cards to your hand. Watch out, if your hand goes over 21 then this is known as a bust. This means you will lose the round. 

Being a Platinum version of Live Blackjack, this variation aims to give you all of the best know features. These features are all ones that have made other versions of Blackjack massive hits, therefore incorporating them all into one fantastic Live game. The finished result is a massively exciting online Blackjack game with a Live dealer experience.

Live Platinum Blackjack VIP Bonus Features

Bonuses usually play a big part in online games. They are put into the game to improve the gameplay experience. With Live Platinum Blackjack VIP, all of the best know features have been included. Therefore, gaining the name of being one of the best Live casino games you can play. That is why we are proud to be able to offer this to our players here at Casimboo’s online casino

Ont of the best in-game bonuses that are offered while you are playing is the 21+3 bet. This not only takes into account the game of Blackjack but some Poker element as well. The aim is to get one of the well-known Poker hands within your cards and the dealers’ cards. Doing so will often give you a healthy reward. This version of Live Blackjack also gives you the option of split bets. This feature allows you to split your hand in half then giving you 2 hands to play with. Another feature that if used right can end up giving you a great reward. This is only 2 of the many bonus side bets that are offered within Live Platinum Blackjack VIP. You can about all of the side bets offered in the games information panel. 

You may find that many online games have some kind of jackpot connected to them. However, this is not needed in Live Platinum Blackjack VIP. Because there is a high number of extra bonus bets you can place, it is felt that a jackpot would be one thing too much.