Online Roulette: One of the Ageless Classics Here at Casimboo!

For a game of pure adrenaline and unexpected excitement, look no further than the game of online Roulette at Casimboo. Watch as the ball spins frantically around the wheel and see where it ends up on a table – it is truly something to behold. You can join us first thing in the morning or for a classic game of Roulette at night like we used to do at land casinos. Some love Slots for the simplicity or Blackjack for the rush, but for online Roulette, anybody and everybody loves this classic. We embrace it and its unpredictability at Casimboo. The best part is, you can enjoy it at home or out and about. The choice is up to you especially welcome you can play almost any game with our casino welcome package.

Play Your Favourite Roulette Games Online

What you get with Casimboo gaming is the perfect blend of a great experience and accessibility, bringing you the best online Roulette imaginable in the UK. On our site, you can enjoy many varieties of online Roulette, ranging from Microgaming Roulette to playing in 3D with 3D European Roulette . Oh yes, at Casimboo we bring you an internet experience like no other, where you feel like you’re in the finest land casino but instead can play in your living room or on the bus. That means 24-hour access wherever you like and whenever you feel like it. Excellent customer service is expected at any online casino on the internet, but we bring you that and much more. Roulette has never been easier to play, or available in so many ways.

Betting Options in Roulette

When you play a game of Roulette online, things are a little different now to when the game was first created. Now you can spread your bets strategically to make it more interesting. This comes in the form of ‘called bets’, better known as announced bets, as well as outside and inside bets too. You can try a number of different ways when you join a Casimboo Roulette table.

The modern game of online Roulette has come on a long way since its inception. Now you can even play against people on the internet from the comfort of your home. Technology has created a platform to challenge you from virtually anywhere. Casimboo can be played equally well from your tablet or smartphone, as it can on other devices like a desktop. With each round of Roulette online that you participate in, the bets can be changed. So let us have a look at the different bets you can do and what they mean to you as the player.

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Announched Bets in Casimboo Roulette

There are a few different versions of a special bet that are often played in the French style of online Roulette. For example, each has its own name. If you choose ‘Orphans’, that means selecting 1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31 or 34, with the opportunity to put chips between these numbers too.

Alternatively, you can also opt for something called ‘Neighbours’. This is when you place your chips on either side of the zero on the online roulette wheel. Likewise, you can even place a bet with a tactic called ‘zero’. What you do with this is not just bet on that number, but also add some more chips to the three numbers surrounding the zero as well.

Outside Bets in Casimboo Roulette

This is a method often reserved for those wanting minimal risk, but still for a decent reward. If you want to play cautiously and take fewer chances, this strategy can work. You can place a variety of online Roulette bets on the outside of the wheel that can still be effective. For instance, some like to bet on odd or even numbers. This can range from anywhere between 1 and 36.

Also, you can try your luck with a 50/50 chance by picking a red or black number. This is one of the safest bets you can make in Roulette online because it can go only one way or the other, except if it lands on zero. The opportunity presents itself in another form, if you bet on any dozen of numbers, with the table split into three based on your choice. As another option, you can place your chips with certain columns or rows, or even on odd or even numbers. There are lots of different choices when you choose to use them outside of the table for your bets.

Inside Bets in Roulette at Casimboo

Inside bets carry a slightly higher risk than outside bets, but much greater rewards. The challenge is great, and there are a number of options you can take to make things interesting when playing online Roulette. One way you can do that is with a ‘trio’ bet. This is when you choose to bet on zero and two other numbers which are often in a line. Alternatively, you could also try a ‘split’, which is popping the chips down on two numbers opposite each other. One simple way of betting is called a ‘single’ or ‘straight’, where you place your chips anywhere you like.

A ‘street’ bet means to add three chips in a line, while two lines of three are aptly called a ‘six-line’. Lots of different inside bets are available at Casimboo, which makes Roulette online such an interesting and challenging experience. As another option, you can opt for the ‘basket’. With this, you can put down chips on three numbers and the corner of the zero, a little bit like the ‘trio’, with a twist. Another way to take your chances is by placing a chip between four numbers, called a ‘square’ or ‘corner’. All you do is add your chip between the four choices in the corner.

Find Out All There is to Discover About Online Roulette with Casimboo

We all love online Roulette at Casimboo. Not only is it a game of chance and anticipation, but it is super fun and entertaining too. In fact, over more than a century since its creation, while not much has changed it remains just as popular. And now because you can play it on multiple devices during any moment of the day, it’s only increasing in numbers who search for it. Therefore, at Casimboo we want to provide you with the best Roulette experience online.

With our range of games, at any ‘little wheel’ as its commonly translated, you can place a number of bets similar to the above, such as inside or outside bets. You can take on other players around the UK or go it alone in online Roulette. That’s without mentioning the fun you can have with a live experience. We have American Live Roulette, Auto Roulette Live and also Live Roulette from Netent too. Anyone of these is brought to you via a quality stream from a real-life casino, so the best experience is brought to your front door.

Understanding the Best Way to Enjoy Roulette

You can try the game at Casimboo in a number of ways, depending on preference and skill level of Roulette online. Why not try the demo mode first to see how you get on? There are a number of games you can pick from on our site, with different rules for each. This can be played in 3D for an immersive experience, in World Cup mode or dark mode. It is important to read the terms and conditions on our homepage before signing up. This is because each game is different in its own right and we do not want there to be any surprises. Once you understand the wagering requirements and rules, away you go.

Loads of Choice Available for Online Roulette at Casimboo

If you want to mix it up, there are plenty of options to join us online and try out your luck as you watch the ball whizz around a online Roulette table. This can often depend on your level and understanding of Roulette online because we have a number of options you can choose. This ranges from playing in World Cup Roulette to your classic European Roulette. As we have previously noted, at Casimboo you can also play in 3D Roulette, which is really worth checking out.

Loads of our current players enjoy a game or two of online Roulette whatever time of day it is in the UK. With decent Return to Player (RTP) percentages available and great graphics on desktop or handheld devices, you’re spoiled for choice on our casino website. That means playing Roulette in a number of themes and coloured backgrounds too. For instance, we highly recommend European Roulette in Dark Mode as a great example of this. It makes you feel like your in a real-life dark casino environment, where the wheel is the sole focus of the room. We also have games like 100/1 Roulette and Roulette Master to try out whenever you get a moment to yourself. Lots of variation means you are bound to find a certain style or layout that matches your preference. For those with a little more experience of the game, you can even try European Roulette Pro for that advanced level of Roulette gaming online.

If you feel like a change of pace at Casimboo during any time of the day, there are still a number of games to select elsewhere on the site. This includes a fine array of Baccarat games, as well as Blackjack and Poker tables, plus a wide choice of Slots games too, should you want a change from the online Roulette wheel. There’s; Tetris, Ice Ice Yeti, Punk Rocker and more. Feel free to check these slots out.

The Origins of Roulette That You Didn’t Know

As stated previously, we know the origins of Roulette began in France, but who would have thought the game first became popularised by Napoleon in the 18th century? He enjoyed a game or two in the Palais Royale until it was wiped out from France by Louis Phillipe in 1837. They removed betting during that decade across all of France, opening up the opportunity for expansion. Making its way across Europe, the game of Roulette landed in Germany. With red and black on the table even then, its structure and principles remain the same today. Historians of the game claim Roulette was inspired by a similar game in Italy called Biribi, and has not looked back since. Now online Roulette continues to go from strength to strength as a casino game, always featuring heavily in gamer searches.

It started off with a double zero and a solitary zero even in the European version, before it was later painted green to stop players getting mixed up during games. While the game took off in Germany, it is still believed that the majority of Roulette casino games were still run by French in a foreign land. It is rumoured that brothers with the surname Blanc at this point in the late 18th century were responsible for taking out the double zero in the European version, although it was later added to the U.S version to increase the house edge. Following a turn in fortune, the brothers moved the game back to France and the small province of Monte Carlo, which remains a principal area of betting in Europe today. This came to pass after Germany was banned from playing casino games in the 1860s.

Naturally, the game has risen in popularity through the years to the present day around the world. The surge in the popularity of using the internet has changed the betting industry as we know it. Now you can play a number of amazing games on multiple devices, but it was not always that easy. Before the amazing graphics and features you see today, it was pretty routine in the late 20th century. Now you can get live streaming in your home, as well as 3D options and various modes based on your preference of online Roulette.

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What are the Bets with the Best Odds?

If you want a much safer chance of success, you can whittle the game of online Roulette down to a split 50/50 chance, placing your bets on odd or even numbers. Alternatively, you can even pick red or black, plus numbers 1 to 18, or 19 to 36. With American Roulette this means precisely 1 1⁄9 to 1 odds, while with European Roulette it is 1 1⁄18 to 1. Either way, they are less of a risk than an inside bet.

And What About Landing on Green?

It equates to a 35/1 payout when you bet on the famous green zero of European Roulette online. That is based on odds of 36/1. American Roulette is slightly different because you have the double zero too. For both of those, the odds are 37/1 with a 35/1 payout, similar to European Roulette.

There is the opportunity for a 17/1 payout, alongside 18/1 odds, should you wish to bet on the green zero and double zero on Live American Roulette.

When I see a Neighbour Bet Option, What Does This Mean?

This is based on the option that you pick a number and the surrounding four numbers – two either side – are all selected at the same time as one bet with online Roulette. Whatever amount you decide to place on the neighbour bet, the value is split five ways. So for example, if you pick a zero on a European Roulette table, that means you also put 1/5 of your chosen amount on 32, 15, 3 and 26 too as they are the numbers surrounding zero. For example, if you bet ten pounds, two pounds will go on each of the numbers.

Do we Know Who Created Roulette?

You have to go back to the exact date of 1842 to see when the little wheel of Roulette was born. Created by Lois and Francois Blanc, brothers from Monaco, nearly 200 years before in 1655, rumours of a French scientist and mathemetician by the name of Blaise Pascal tried to create technology that could entertain the masses.

During the 1840s, the Blanc brothers spiced things up further by later creating a zero on the wheel which would increase the house edge, adding intrigue to every game attempted and causing a real buzz among players and spectators.

What are the Variations of Roulette?

If you want to be really specific, there are lots of varities of online Roulette that a player can enjoy. This ranges from Roulette on multi-wheels to double ball Roulette. While we don’t have these options at Casimboo right now, we can offer the live American version, as well as a range of European Roulettes.

What Sets European and U.S Roulette Apart?

As stated above, there are both double and single green zeros on a U.S online Roulette wheel. This is in comparison to just a solitary single zero on a European table. What you also get on a table across the Atlantic ocean in the United States is 38 pockets, while you get 37 in a European game. The good thing is you still get the same payout with both, even if they have a different amount of pockets.