100-1 Roulette at Casimboo

The anticipation, not knowing where the ball is going to land, knowing whether you will be a winner or not. Roulette is an exciting game of chance, once you place a bet no strategy is involved with Roulette, just a throw of the dice in a metaphorical sense. At Casimboo, we love taking a risk or too, but providing a professional service at the same time. That means loads of quality games at your disposal for all of our members. We plan to be the best online casino in the business and reach the very top of the industry. To do that, we have to offer stellar customer service and amazing titles. Not just an amazing experience but an exhilarating one too. Roulette does just that and one of the exciting games on our list is 100-1 Roulette.

But surely 100-1 odds are too good to be true? No Roulette table would offer that in their right mind, right? When we say we mean business, it is not just a figure of speech. Casimboo has a desire to offer the latest titles, as well as some classic ones too. Online Roulette is super popular with all of our players, so we have to honour them by providing a wide selection from the famous ‘little wheel’ of chance. In that repertoire, 100-1 Roulette ticks all the boxes. Daring, bold and unlike anything else, this table is extended to fit 100 numbers instead of the classic 1 to 36 with a daunting zero wedged in between.

About 100-1 Roulette

While the game is all about seeing where the ball lands, you also need to see results. Well with this game, that is possible, but at much longer odds. With many options on the wheel, you have to keep your wits about you, bet responsibly and all within your budget of course. Nevertheless, we love 100-1 Roulette at Casimboo because it is something unique. It differs slightly from games like Microgaming Roulette. The odds are slightly stacked against you, but in the long run, it might just be better to bet just on numbers.

Made by Inspired Gaming not so many moons ago in July 2019, this Roulette game is very different from anything you have seen before. With 100-1 Roulette, you get the chance to multiply your winnings on a single number 100 times instead of the typical 36 numbers you can pick from on a classic Roulette wheel. On a simple layout, separated by the green baize.

Players love visiting Casimboo to find a Roulette game where there are even more options. Considering you can have even more fun at the wheel, 100-1 Roulette is popular across all devices on mobile, desktop and tablets. Being able to play it in any location with a decent connection provides solid entertainment throughout the year. Such simplicity makes the focus purely on watching the wheel spin and spreading your bets. The demo mode is just as fun, and a good way to learn the basics.


How to Play

With a Return to Player percentage of 96.19%, 100-1 Roulette offers great numbers to beat the casino house edge. Fans love turning up the volume on this game to see where it lands for them. Poker is all about strategy against opponents. Slots offer more variety and games like Blackjack are fun to take on the dealer. However, with Roulette, nothing beats the pure ecstasy of not knowing where the ball will end up. Plus, when you have 100 numbers it can land on, it creates a different dynamic. So much choice where you place your chips only adds intrigue to the game.

It carries a larger risk, and not guaranteed success even with a high RTP. Nevertheless, it is interesting because 100-1 bucks the trend of a traditional Roulette wheel, which we love at Casimboo. Generally, most tables only vary from 1 to 36. With all tables including red or black numbers, this one is mainly different due to the fact you do not bet on colours. Usually, players can bet on that for a 50/50 chance of success, but you can still bet on odd or even numbers, with singular number bets providing the 100-1 Roulette stake.

What you also get with 100-1 Roulette unlike any other wheel is four shapes coloured green that represent the house edge of Casimboo casino. If you land on any one of those you are out of luck and lose the bet, but four out of 100 other options are not bad odds. It also does not have a neighbouring bets option, so that is something to think about if you prefer that when you play.

100-1 Roulette Bonus Features

With online casinos, now there are so many to choose from. It can be difficult to find one that suits what you are looking for as a player. New players want the best bonuses and returning players prefer an incentive that rewards loyalty to casinos like Casimboo. However, with casinos, some games can provide more opportunities for bonuses and features than others. For example, when you play Roulette, typically you do not get as many bonuses as you may get from Slots. Especially with a game like 100-1 Roulette. The focus is taken away from added features by simple graphics and greater importance on the variety of numerical choices.

Nevertheless, there are some cool features as part of 100-1 Roulette, because it is slightly different from your typical wheel of fortune. Players love to discover little incentives when you sign up. For instance, when so many casinos offer ‘bonuses’ like no deposits and free spins, why would you not shop around? What Roulette 100-1 offers is a better all-round experience.

For example, you can try to click the same bet again. This is done by choosing the repeat option. Alternatively, there is another prompt to clear your bets. You can improve your game pace by also adjusting the speed to a faster or slower pace. The turbo spin button is available if you want to play with greater urgency.