Microgaming Roulette at Casimboo

At Casimboo, when you feel like playing a classic casino game, we want to be your first thought. Part of doing this is providing you with the best and most iconic casino games that you can play. One of the first games you think of is Roulette. This is because it has been offered at casinos for decades. Therefore, it was only right that we also provide some of the very best Roulette games possible. As a result, at the very top of the list is Microgaming Roulette. 

With the game being one of the longest played in the online casino industry. Microgaming Roulette really brings it up to speed with the modern-day. Allowing players to enjoy the timeless title using the most modern of methods. The game is developed to replicate the game as closely as possible, giving you a virtual table. As the latest technology is used to develop these games, they are given to you in stunning high definition. Therefore, allowing you to get one of the most realistic Roulette gaming experiences possible online. 

If you want to play Microgaming Roulette, there are many ways that you can find it in the Casimboo game library. With the game being an industry favourite, you will find it as one of our featured games on our homepage. However, if you are searching from the lobby you will have to navigate to the casino section. This will show you all of the table games, which you can then filter down to just Roulette.

About Microgaming Roulette

Microgaming Roulette has been around for many years now, being launched in 2004 it secured its place in the ranks for online casino games. And as the name suggests, it is developed by the casino game giants Microgaming. They are one of the most renown game developers in the industry, and their experience shows. Knowing this gives the player a settling feeling knowing you are going to be playing the best of the best in terms of online Roulette

The game is been translated into an online format perfecting. Therefore, giving you all of the play features that you would expect to find at a regular table. However, the main difference in the game is how the result of each spin is given. As Microgaming Roulette is an online version of a traditional game, it cannot use an actual wheel to give an outcome. Instead, a random number generator has been used and modified to give a fair outcome. It is this that gives the return to player rate of the game, which has been set to 97.3%.

Those who like to take part in games of Roulette will be pleased with what Microgaming Roulette has to offer players. It has already proved to be one of the most played online casino Roulette variations we have to offer players. It’s right up there with 3D European Rouette. One of the best parts is that you can play this game as a beginner or an expert. Offering many features that are beneficial to both kinds of players.


How to Play

Microgaming Roulette is very simple to play if you are already familiar with the rules of the original game. As a result of the great job that they have done developing the game. Therefore, experienced players will be able to jump straight into a virtual round. However, those who do not know how to play will be able to learn how to with ease. 

As you start the game you will find the table of the game laid out. With the controls laid out just below. The controls of the game allow you to change things like the value of your chip, and the number of chips you want to place. The aim of Microgaming Roulette is to place your chips on the number you think the ball in the wheel will land on. Sounds impossible, however, with only limited numbers on the wheel it can be done. There are other bets that’s can be placed that give you more chance of winning but will give a lower return. Once all the bets are placed, a virtual wheel is spun to give the outcome of the round. As we mentioned before, this result is given by an RNG for the online version. 

Depending on how you play, your experience will differ. Many players claim to have working strategies for the game, however, it is important to remember that these are a game of chance. A strategy may not always work for your style of gameplay.

Microgaming Roulette Bonus Features

There are some features that are used to make the players life easier. Microgaming Roulette offers players an option to speed up the spinning process. This gives you the ability to spin the wheel more times in a shorter period. You will see this referred to as Turbo mode.

Other than the turbo mode, the aim of this game was to get back down to the roots of the original game. As a result, you will not see any other features and bonuses offered within the game. This is a good thing as it does not take away from the original game that everyone has grown to enjoy. It can also be said that every feature adds a complication to the game. Many players are starting to enjoy the more simple games. That is where this game shines through, giving players a simple and enjoyable variation of online Roulette for all players.

The same thing can be said about jackpots connected to online Roulette. You will often find that these games are connected to bigger jackpots, however, Microgaming Roulette is not. Again, this is not a factor that takes away from the gameplay as it is possible to reach some very high returns while playing. The key to doing this is knowing exactly how the game works. As a result, you can practice playing Microgaming Roulette with our demo mode. Doing this will give you a heads up on what to expect while playing the version of Roulette.