Play 3 Fruits Win Slot at Casimboo Casino

3 Fruits Win Slot at Casimboo

At Casimboo Casino, we thrive to be the first thought when you want to play a slot game. Therefore, for that to be achieved we need to supply you guys with a huge range of games to choose from. As a result, we need to keep our online casino slot games collection up to date with the latest titles. 3 Fruits Win slot is one of the latest slot games to be released, and you can play it right here at Casimboo.

As slot games become more advanced, some players look for the more traditional looking slots. That is why we give you the slot game range we offer. 3 Fruits Win slot fits into this category perfectly. This slot game is an excellent look at how modern games often rely on the older style game to bring new additions. You are instantly met with the classic slot symbols when looking at the game, and when exploring the game you will see many classic features showing through in a modern way. To play this fantastic slot game, simply click the play link above or search for it in our lobby.

About 3 Fruits Win Slot

3 Fruits Win slot is a relatively new game to the market, developed by the well known Playson. These guys have been developing top online slots titles since 2012. Therefore, they have had a number of years to perfect the slot games they release.

Although the game relies on traditional icons for the playthrough, you will see a 5 reel layout. This is opposed to the traditional 3 reel layout you used to see. Having 5 columns for icons means the game can contain more pay lines. 3 Fruits Win slot contains 10 pay lines, increasing your chances of landing a winning combination. The controls for the game are displayed across the bottom of the screen, blending in perfectly with the purple background. Although the button to spin stands out, it does look very good with the theme of the game.

A game that is so new is no doubt going to go down well with players. It has all of the great eye-catching visuals you would want. All of the classic themed icons used are all shown in very high quality along with the buttons and sound effects. When all of these are combined, they result in the perfect package for a classic-themed slot.


How to Play

For those who have never played a slot game, this is the perfect slot game to start. This is because the developers have thought of every kind of player when designing the game. The controls are very clear and basic, however, offer all of the features you would expect with a modern game. You can change your bet type using the arrows provided, but you can also put the maximum bet down with a simple click. This is achieved with the max bet button just to the right of the bet change arrows. To the left of the arrows is the display of your current bet.

Modern slot games like 3 Fruits Win slot work just like they have for many years. Simply set your desired bet using the arrows and use the round, red button to the right to set the reels spinning. All 5 reels will spin and all 10 pay lines are active on every bet. However, to make a win, you only need to match 3 or more symbols. This makes winning on this slot seem very easy.

Keeping to tradition, you will see the familiar fruits, stars and ‘7’ icons being used on the reel. using these kings of symbols really pays tribute to the classic slot games of old and the famous slot games of Vegas. The sound effect used also give that classic slot game feel.

3 Fruits Win Bonus Features

Another way that 3 Fruits Win slot pays tribute to the classic slot game is their feature list. With most slot games, they will include unique features to the game. As a result, these features will often give new ways to play and may also include mini-games that offer a different kind of gameplay. These bonuses will often reward with mini jackpots within the game, however, can often be awkward to play.

The feature list on this slot game is very limited, this has been done to keep to the traditional play. However, the features include an independent Scatter Symbol. Landing this symbol will result in an instant reward. You can see exactly which symbol this is from the info panel within the game. This is the only added feature of this slot game, however, there are other features in 3 Fruits Win slot.

One feature you will find here and other slot games is the maximum win. For this slot game, landing this seems to be pretty easy. If you land the ‘7’ symbol across all 5 reels you hit the game jackpot. As a result, you will win a total of 25,000 coins added to your account. One way that they have made this better for the player is the stacked icons feature. This simply stacks some of the same icons on the reels. As a result of this, it seems to be easier to land yourself a big win when playing.

The simplicity of this slot game along with its high chance of winning is what makes this new release from Playson so popular. The fact it has no features is actually a good thing, therefore, giving players the chance to play a modern slot game in a stripped-back fashion.