5-Reel Circus Slot

5-Reel Circus Slot at Casimboo

5-Reel Circus Slot is an excellent place to satisfy your gambling urges. The slot is excellent in every aspect. From the graphics to the better gameplay, you won’t have anything to complain about. In addition to that, there are various kinds of bonuses as well as promotions to cash on. The game uses a cartoonish animation and a theme that makes it more exciting. Whether you are in for the bonuses or solid gameplay, 5-Reel Circus Slot at Casimboo is a better choice. Besides that, the game makes it easy to gamble on the lines and offers a unique experience.

Furthermore, Casimboo is a name that will pop up often in the gambling world. The online casino has been around for a long time. It has carved a name that you can’t overlook. Similarly, the casino offers you a wide variety of slots as well as gambling games. With better bonuses, and excellent imagery, the online slots stand out, and you get sheer excellence. Enter the casino, and you will be able to play the game as soon as you select them. The sophistication is modern, and prizes are lucrative.

Finally, optimization has always been a pressing issue in the gambling industry. However, that’s not the case with 5-Reel Circus Slot that offers you extended navigation. So, if you’re using a phone, then you can play the game with ease. Though you will love to play the slot on your desktop computer, you can also get a high-end experience on your phone.

About 5-Reel Circus Slot

Circus slots have been dominating the market, but 5-Reel Circus Slot approaches the old theme with a new style. The graphics are excellent, the gameplay is rich, and there are ample chances for you to hit the win. There are various kinds of bonuses and promotions that you can’t overlook. The game has been developed by Rival Gaming, and boasts of its sophistication. It’s a game with 5-reels and 15-paylines. In addition to that, the game uses a unique theme, and its detailing in every aspect is appreciated.

In terms of animation, the game uses an innovative way to create an impression of the game. Everything in the slot has been delivered to its excellence. This in turn makes the whole session more exciting. The design looks excellent, and the better RTP is a thing you cannot ignore. Furthermore, there is the relevant imagery that shall give you an idea of being in a circus. You have the bearded lady, balancing elephants, and also the human cannonball.

In addition to that, the sound of claps laughs, and the relevant circus sounds also add enticing features to the game. Finally, the game offers you excellent imagery and animation. You can navigate the game even on your cell phone. Thanks to HTML5 technology, you get convenient navigation all throughout the game. IN addition to that, you can execute all gambling functions right on your phone. This not just makes it appealable but also helps cut across the barriers.


How to Play

5-Reel Circus Slot is easy to gamble on, and it provides you better chances to make a win. You can adjust the coin size from 0.01 to $1. This can rise to $65. However, you will have to check the default settings and adjust them according to your budget. In addition to that, you are offered various kinds of settings that you can employ in the game. You can also set the game speed to low and medium. Similarly, you can go for the full-screen mode.

Moreover, you can turn the sounds off/on, and set the background volume as well. This is being done to make the gambling session as convenient as possible. The game offers a decent RTP of 96%, and that is more than the average. In fact, it’s above the average RTP. However, when it comes to playing the game, it’s quite easy, and all you have to do is to ascertain the bet.

Once you know how much you can afford to bet on a single spin, you can then set the coins. In addition to that, before you can set the coins, take a look at the paytable. This is where you will have all the information-related symbols and their values. When you are done with the table, and then set the bets according to your preferences. It’s equally important to mention that your bets must be in sync with the budget. The final step is to let the reels spin.

5-Reel Circus Slot Bonus Features

5-Reel Circus Slot has enough bonus symbols. The simple design makes it more unique and enjoyable. So, if you are looking to hit massive wins, then there are 7500 coins for you. All you have to do is to land five of the game’s wilds. However, you will have to land five of them. Similarly, if you land four of them, then you will get 2000. You will also get 200 for three, and if you land two, then it will offer you only ten.

In addition to that, there’s also the Circus Tent with Clowns scatter in the game. If you land three or more of them, then it will offer you multipliers of 1x for two of them or three, 3x for four, and 100x for five. Besides that, you also have the Human Cannon Ball that will pay you 750 coins for five symbols. You will also get 100 for four, 25 if you land three, and eight coins for two of them. Furthermore, the Ringmaster in the game will give you 400 coins for 5 icons, 100 for four, and 25 for three.

Then, there is the clown that will offer you 250 for five, 100 for 4, and finally, 20 for three. Similarly, the Bearded Lady will offer 200 coins for five, and 65 for 4. It will give you ten for three as well. The Lion pays 175 coins, and the bear will give you 150 coins for five of them on the reels. In addition to that, the Elephant or the Seal will offer you 100 coins for the five symbols, and 20 for the four of them on the line.