Alien Spinvasion Slot

Alien Spinvasion Slot at Casimboo

Get your tinfoil hats out because Aliens are coming to invade planet Earth. Exciting, right? Well, it doesn’t look like these otherworldly beings are coming to make friends. In the Alien Spinvasion Slot at Casimboo, it’s your task to battle against the aliens to protect the planet. If you think you are fit for the job, you could be in with the chance of winning some astronomical cash prizes. Just make sure that you aren’t willing to go down with a fight. This is because the alien beings don’t give in easily. You’ll have to give it your very best effort in order to walk away with some impressive cash prizes in this online slot. Still, players who set out on this otherworldly adventure can benefit from 50 paylines.

In addition to this, players have useful resources like free spins, drop icons feature and sticky wilds too. Can you make use of these special features to send your payouts to the moon? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to play the Alien Spinvasion Slot for yourself. Although the Alien Spinvasion doesn’t provide players with the biggest payouts in the cosmos, there are some great bonus features. For example, the game includes free spins, sticky wilds and drop icons. Because of this, there are many different ways to send your payouts into orbit. In addition to this, the design is very simple and user friendly. Visit our online casino to play the Alien Spinvasion Slot today.

About Alien Spinvasion Slot

Available now at Casimboo, all of our members have the opportunity to play for free and real money. Although you’ll need to deposit some real funds into your account to play the demo version, this mode is completely free and will not subtract any credits from your existing balance. On the other hand, the real money version requires real money bets and this is where players can spin for the real cash prizes. If you’re ready to experience close encounters with alien beings in the world of online slots, look no further than the Alien Spinvasion Slot at Casimboo. Are you ever wondering if there are other forms of life out there in the universe? Well, wonder no more because the Earth is under attack in this 5 reel video slot. Step inside the Alien Spinvasion Slot and you’ll see for yourself that otherworldly lifeforms are out there.

Ok, we appreciate that this isn’t scientific proof. However, the gameplay is full of action that’s out of this world. The space theme includes UFO symbols, ray guns and slimy alien eggs. What other evidence could you ask for to know there is alien life out there? The gameplay includes some dramatic music that builds suspense and provides an engaging gaming experience. The high-quality graphics and audio are enough to catapult players into the heart of the action. Don’t think that this online slot is all about fear and survival, though. Some of the alien symbols are 3D and very cartoonish. Because of this, they’re not as intimidating as you’d imagine. Instead of being scary beasts, these aliens are more like one-eyed bogies.


How to Play

The Alien Spinvasion Slot is an online slot that’s suitable for a wide range of players with different playing styles and budgets in mind. Playable from no fee at all in the demo mode, players are under no pressure to risk any real money. But if players do want to play for actual payouts, there is the option to bet with anything between 50p and £125 per spin.

In this alien invasion, the design is actually pretty harmless. Beginners will have no issue learning how to play this game without any previous experience. Because of this, the Alien Spinvasion Slot is a user-friendly game for players of all skill levels and budgets. With the option to play this online slot for free in the demo mode, there is also no pressure to risk any real money while enjoying the gameplay and bonus features in this thrilling online slot. Upon viewing the paytable before playing, players will notice that the price values are quite realistic. It’s great to see some online slots with life-changing jackpot prizes. However, more times than not, these jackpots are almost impossible to win.

In the Alien Spinvasion Slot, the prizes are relatively low yet much easier to win in comparison to online slots with bigger jackpots. Have a look at the paytable and you will see that the top multiplier is worth 250x the bet. In comparison to the most rewarding online slots at Casimboo, this is relatively low. However, this can still provide players with winnings that will send them straight to the moon. This is because there is the chance to play with as many as 125 credits per spin. 

Alien Spinvasion Slot Bonus Features

Although the payouts in the paytable aren’t exactly out of this world, this doesn’t mean you should overlook this game. There are many reasons why this online slot is worth playing. For example, the bonus features can provide players with extra enjoyment and better payouts. Players can make use of the bonus features in the Alien Spinvasion to boost the winning potential. Some of the most special elements of the gameplay include sticky wilds and free spins. The sticky wilds make an appearance in the base game to replace other symbols.

By doing this, players can turn unsuccessful combinations into complete ones. In addition to this, the sticky wilds stay where they are for the respin. As a result, there is the chance to create more winning combinations. Whenever players find one of the Army General symbols, they will activate the free spins round. Here, players get 11 free spins to use. The free spins bonus feature includes the drop icons bonus feature. Here, special symbols arrive on the reels to create a cascade. This feature allows players to have extra winning opportunities. If you think you have what it takes to protect the planet from an alien invasion, experience close encounters of the spinning kind here at Casimboo Casino.