Aztec Treasure Slot

Aztec Treasure Slot at Casimboo

Go on a journey back in time and battle the ancient tribes to win some sweet Aztec treasures in the Aztec Treasure Slot at Casimboo. Developed by PlayPearls, this online slot gives you a taste of the tribal culture. PlayPearls is an exciting software provider that has a focus on developing creative and advanced online slots that are HTML5 compatible. Experience the life of the jungle tribes who ruled the land many centuries ago as you spin for massive cash prizes. But will you be able to triumph at the jungle temple and create winning combinations? Play today at Casimboo Casino to find out. The Aztec Treasure Slot is available now in our online casino alongside several other great games inspired by the Aztecs.

All members can play both versions of this game for real money or free. Before you set out on your adventure, here’s our overview of the Aztec Treasure Slot. At Casimboo, the Aztec theme is prevalent in the games library. You’ll actually find several different online slots inspired by Aztec culture. If you enjoy the Aztec Treasure Slot, it’ll be worth trying other Aztec inspired slots like Aztec Respin and Aztec Secrets. The Aztec tribes have a rather mystical name and in this online slot, you’ll be going back in time to see just what it was like. Thanks to HTML5 compatibility from PlayPearly, this game is available on all devices including laptop, PC, tablet and mobile.

About Aztec Treasure Slot

The theme of this game takes you to Central America. Be ready for tropical vibes because the reels are surrounded by thick jungle vines. Players who spin the reels in this game are immersed in the heart of the jungle where symbols are inspired by the Aztecs. You’ll see lots of different icons that symbolise different parts of Aztec life and culture. For example, there are various artefacts, a ceremonial hat, a sacred temple, the sun and an idol. In the background, there is a soundtrack that features tribal instruments and drums. Although the soundtrack is charming, you still have the option to mute the music if you prefer.

The music provides an extra level of immersion and comes with tribal drum sounds and calming woodwind instruments. As it so happens, the Aztecs were incredibly wealthy and owned lots of gold, precious stones and treasure. In the Aztec Treasure Slot, it’s time to explore the world of the Aztecs to discover the hidden treasures. The biggest prize from a normal symbol on the reels is the Aztec style serpent. Players will win you 5,000 for matching five of the serpent symbols. The next best prizes come from the letters that represent the high-value playing cards. All combinations are a minimum of three symbols. Meanwhile, the maximum number of symbols you can use to create a combination is five. The more symbols you use to create a combination, the better the payout will be.


How to Play

First and foremost, you should familiarise yourself with the paytable before you start playing. This lets you see the different prizes for each combination. When you are happy that you understand the paytable and prizes, you can exit to visit the main game. You have the option to customise the game to your own preferences. For example, you can play without having to click the spin button each time. So before you start setting the bets and spinning, you should decide if you want to use the autoplay function. This lets you play numerous spins without pressing the spin button manually. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start in the demo mode and practice using the different settings to see what works for you.

Before you click the spin button, you need to set the bet per spin according to your own budget. The action in the Aztec Treasure Slot goes down on 5 reels. With adjustable paylines, players have the option to play with 25 active paylines. However, you do not need to select all of the paylines. It’s possible to play with as little or as many paylines as you like per spin. To adjust the paylines, simply use the numbered buttons on both sides of the screen. The gameplay takes place with one coin on each active payline. However, you can still adjust the coin values. The minimum coin value is 0.10. Meanwhile, the maximum coin value is 5.00. Because of the flexible betting and the option to play for free, the Aztec Treasure Slot is a great option for all betting styles.

Aztec Treasure Slot Bonus Features

At Casimboo, we make it easy and convenient for you to practice playing the best online slots. If you’re new to our online casino and/or new to online slots in general, it’s probably worth playing the demo mode to practice and get to know the different bonus features. The free version of the Aztec Treasure Slot at Casimboo gives you the full experience for no cost at all. Instead of playing for real money, you will have free play credits. Apart from this differentiating factor between the two modes, they’re both equal. Because of this, you will still experience all of the gameplay features and bonuses if you choose to play for free. The only real difference is that you cannot withdraw your winnings in the free play mode.

Sign up at Casimboo to play Aztec Treasures Slot for free or for real money. If you enjoy the theme, graphics and features, it’s worth trying other Aztec themed slots like Aztec Palace and Aztec Gold. Aztec Treasure is one of the most popular online slots developed by PlayPearls at Casimboo. The theme of this game lets players experience the tribal culture of the Aztecs that includes an abundance of hidden treasure. Players can hunt for riches and be in with the chance of winning big payouts. In addition to the regular symbols, there are some extras like scatters, wilds and bonus symbols. All of which can be used to boost your winning potential and win some big cash prizes.