Bonanza Slot at Casimboo

If you want to play the very latest online slots, we want you to be your first port of call here at Casimboo. Part of the process of doing that is offering you the very best titles available on the market. One of the most popular right now is Bonanza Slot, therefore, it had to be one of the games within our game library. As we only want to offer you the highest quality games, Bonanza slot fits in the selection perfectly. 

The game really shows how slot games can be kept up to date with the latest trends. The gold mine theme used offers players an inventive look at how slot games can be played. Using symbols of precious gems along with well other recognisable icons during the gameplay. It uses the recognisable slot game layout meaning ay player should be able to understand the game easily. It incorporates sound effects that tie into the theme.

You will be able to find Bonanza Slot in many ways around our online casino. As it is such a popular slot game, you will find it in our featured category. However, if you have already navigated to our library, you will have to ensure you are on the slot game tab. Clicking on any of these will lead onto playing the game.

About Bonanza Slot

The game first hit the market in Dec 2016 and was developed by Big Time Gaming. You may be familiar with the name Tetris Extreme, well this another slot that is as just as popular amongst our regular players. However, if you have not then they are the minds behind some of the best slot games within the past few years. Giving online slot game players many great titles among the market, Bonanza Slot being one of them. We have many of their games on offer within our game library. 

When you first enter the game you are met with that traditional slot game layout. Bonanza slot has 6 reels, with varying numbers of tiles per reel as they vary in size. However, even though the game only has a low number of reels, the number of pay lines it offers is impressive. This slot game offers impressive 117,649 possible ways to win. The theme used along with the gameplay gives for one of the best slot experiences possible. Not to mention the great bonus features that are offered within the game while you are playing.

Bonanza Slot is one of the most played slot games within the market right now. Therefore, it is fair to say that it will follow that trend here at Casimboo. We are sure that this is going to be one of the most played games we have to offer within our library. With the high quality of the visuals, the impressive gameplay and the high return to player rate, it is perfect for our library here at Casimboo Casino.


How to Play

If you are unfamiliar with online slot games. They work pretty much like the mechanical slot games of years gone past, however, can now be played on a digital device. Therefore, this does mean that the traditional way of getting the outcome of the spin will not work. As a result, RNG technology is used to get this outcome. Bonanza Slot is no different in this aspect, as it uses the industry-standard RNG. It is this that needs to be programmed to give the return to player rate. For Bonanza Slot, this rate is 96%.

You will find the controls for the game along the bottom of the interface. Giving you the opportunity to change the coin size that you want to bet. For Bonanza Slot, this varies between 0.2 and 20. Once you have set your stake size, you are ready to place your bet. You will start to see the reels spin, however, it is when they stop that you might strike gold. 

One of the more impressive gameplay features that Bonanza Slot offers is its reactive wins. This removes any tiles that you have in a winning combination. This action allows more tiles to fall from the top, which in turn could lead to more winning combinations. If you get a good chain of reactive wins, you could see your return getting quite high. This is just one of the many features of Bonanza Slot that makes is so popular among the online slot game community.

Bonanza Slot Bonus Features

Bonus rounds are programmed into slot games to make the experience more entertaining. Most of the time these are individual rounds that differ to the gameplay offered by the slot. However, they will always follow the theme of the game that you are playing. Unfortunately, Bonanza Slot does not offer any specific bonus rounds for you to play. Instead, offering many bonus features within the gameplay itself. 

One of the features that are offered within the Bonanza Slot are golden letters. If you can line these up and spell the word GOLD, you will trigger some bonus spins. Landing winning combination lines while this is triggered will increase the multiplier of your stake. Therefore, it can result is some huge winnings. However, if the scatter symbol is landed you will be given another 5 bonus spins. This can carry on if you keep landing scatter symbols.