Play Fruits & Jokers Slot at Casimboo Casino

Fruits & Jokers Slot at Casimboo

We have one aim here at Casimboo Casino and that is to provide players with a one-stop-shop for everything an online casino player wants. One way in which we do this is by offering players the games that they want. With slot games being the most played games in the online casino world, we need to keep these games as up to date as possible. Therefore, when one of the game developers we work with publish a new game, we want to be able to offer this to players as soon as possible. As a result, when Playson released Fruits & Jokers Slot, we knew that it had to be in our slot game collection.

This game is a modern update of their well-known slot game, with their idea being to make a good game even better. We will explore all of the features of Fruits & Jokers Slot and what makes this game stand out from the crowd. Want to play Fruits & Jokers Slot right now? This game is easy to play within our casino lobby.

About Fruits & Jokers Slot

As mentioned, Fruits & Jokers Slot is developed by Playson. They have been developing slot games since 2012, so now have many years to hone their craft. As a result, all of their expertise has been put together into their latest version of Fruits & Jokers. It also offers players a 5 reel layout with 4 icons a reel. This gives a total of 20 icons visible on the playboard per spin.

You would think that this would only offer a regular number of pay lines as this layout is very similar to other online slots games. However, this is where this slot game stands out. They have managed to encompass 100 pay lines for this game. This gives players a huge number of chances to land a winning combination of symbols.

Just like any slot game from the Playson team, Fruits & Jokers Slot has gone down a storm with our players. The cross-platform compatibility offers our players the ability to play this slot on mobile as well as desktop pc. This means you can play this fantastic online slot game while on the go with no worries about the performance of the game.


How to Play

This game works much like any other slot game. The controls show below reels where you see your wallet amount, your bet size and the controls to increase and decrease your bet. You will also notice there is a maximum bet option available. As a result of using this, your bet will automatically increase to the maximum bet allowed. This can be handy, especially with a game that offers 100 pay lines. The buttons and symbols used have vivid colours that contrast perfectly with the dark background used. If you want to see all of the symbols used, there is an info button that when pressed will show all of this information. Not only will it show the symbols used but will show you the values of each symbol when landed.

One way that developers have improved the slot games, especially for online versions is by adding extra symbols. These are known as Scatters and Wilds. Not every slot game includes these, but we are pleased that Fruits & Jokers slot does include these features. The Wild card in this game is of course the Laughing Joker. It can substitute for any other symbol, although, that is not all. Landing 5 of these in a row will reward 15x the stake you bet.

Scatters on the other hand are more rewarding. For Fruits & Jokers Slot, the scatter is the Star icon. It does not matter whether it is an in a winning combination or not, just landing this icon will reward the player. However, the best and most lucrative spin on this slot is landing 5 Scatters in a row. As a result, this will pay out an impressive 400x the original stake.

Fruits & Jokers Slot Bonus Features

Bonus features are used by developers in a number of ways. Sometimes they are used just to break up the repetitive play of a slot game. You will find that these bonus features will be the route to a jackpot if the game is connected to one. Some developers may even have multiple bonus features, turning these into mini-games.

In terms of bonus features of Fruits & Jokers Slot offers players the Wild and Scatter symbols. However, it does not incorporate any other bonus features. You may think this is a bad thing, however, some of the best slots online do not offer other bonus rounds. This may be down to the fact that they often take away from the traditional way to play these games.

It can be seen from other Playson games that bonus rounds are a rare thing for them. This does not take away from the inventive 100 pay line game offering playthrough in stunning high quality. Along with the sound effects used, all combined makes for an extremely fun and thoroughly enjoyable online slot game.