Grand Spinn Slot at Casimboo

At Casimboo, we have so many wonderful games for our players to enjoy. Whether it’s your first time playing online slots or you are an experienced enthusiast of the game, there are several choices. Our site is full of the best games from the best developers in the business. We bring you a list of impressive titles that have amazing graphics, features, and prizes on offer. Grand Spinn Slot is just one of many at Casimboo.

How have they remained popular for so long? And how have they changed over the years? To begin with, the game has over 100 years of history because it’s so much fun. You can witness the bright lights on the screens, the fun soundtracks, and the cool bonuses. People adore games like Grand Spinn Slot because they are so simple to play. It does not take a genius to work it out, as very little strategy is needed. For example, after a few spins you would be more than ready to bet real money, should you wish.

It’s a great game to enjoy, as you try to match the symbols. Over time Slots has evolved with technology, but essentially the principles remain the same. You hit a few buttons, watch the reels turn on an axis and hope you match them all up to win cash prizes. At Casimboo, we have Slots like Grand Spinn Slot which you can spend hours on, spinning the wheel to see where it lands. All you have to do is sign up, which is super straight forward. Then you can pick Grand Spinn or select from several other Slots games at your fingertips on multiple devices.

About Grand Spinn Slot

While some games have been around for decades, Grand Spinn Slot is relatively new to the online casino scene. Developed by Netent in 2019, it goes from strength to strength today. Just like other titles are such as Starburst which continues to increase in popularity. Players of all experience levels rate the game for its design, with a sleek art deco theme. It’s also popular because with Casimboo users because it is so easy to use. Fans of Slots, in general, prefer to play that on the move, which is so easy thanks to modern technology.

Now you can enjoy Slots in any location with any device as long as you have a decent internet connection and a compatible smartphone or tablet device. Grand Spinn Slot is really simple to follow, with basic gameplay which is great for gaming while out and about. You can pick it up and put it down 24/7 with a clever mobile app. Players also love the features and bonuses you can get with the game. In terms of style, it harks back to the times in the 1920s. Just imagine some real cool cats playing it in a Las Vegas casino somewhere into the early hours of the morning.

Kitted out with a gold and purple theme, it looks as stunning in terms of graphics as any Slots game available on the internet. While jazz music plays in the background, you will feel like you have transported to a previous era. You get all the fruits you can think of on one screen, like the old classics that allowed the game of Slots to take off as one of the most popular casino games.


How to Play

Like all Slots games, it has a set amount of features that prevent over-complication. Grand Spinn Slot sits on one line and has become quite a likable video slot. This is split between three rows and also across three reels for you to enjoy. Generally, each Slots game runs on a variety of pay lines, rows, and reels, with added features Netent has pulled out all the stops with this particular title. What the players love at Casimboo are the potential three jackpots that you can win. Thanks to the cool design, easy to see symbols and a fun theme, it stands out among a sea of slots games.

What you also get with Grand Spinn Slot is multiplier wilds too, which increases the value of your wins. Apart from the Jackpot Symbols and the Arrow Symbols too, they can pop up on either of the three designated reels. For example, if you have three multiplier wilds, it multiplies your win by 8 times. Meanwhile, times it by two if you have one wild and by four for two multiplier wilds. Sounds good, right?

Netent have created a Slots game with one of the highest return to player advantages, meaning you get a high chance of a payout from the casino. The higher the percentage, the better the chances of success. With Grand Spinn Slot, it is a whopping 96.19% return, which is great.

Grand Spinn Slot Bonus Features

Nearly every Slots game has some sort of feature or bonus which gives the player an advantage against the house edge. Grand Spinn Slot is no different. Features like nudges, multipliers and progressive jackpots can all make the game more interesting when you spin the reels. For example, Grand Spinn Slot has a few up their sleeve which players love. For instance, use the nudge to your advantage where possible.

It allows you to get even more from the game after a win, should you be fortunate enough. How you get it is when the victorious icons matching up on the middle reel combine with the first icon from the first reel. And voila, you get your nudge. Then you get a second win when the nudge moves the first reel down one place. Grand Spinn Slot will keep going till it stops, so who knows how much you might end up with from one spin.

Even after that stops, if lady luck is smiling for you, it can even lead to a gold arrow on the screen, which can lead to the whole process again. Grand Spinn Slot is a great game, in particular for beginners, because there is less to focus on compared to other slots games. For example, with Starburst, also on Casimboo, it has five reels and up to ten pay lines to choose from.