Ingots of Cai Shen Slot

Ingots of Cai Shen Slot at Casimboo

The slot industry is a well-known gaming arena. The new games replace the old ones, and better graphics add to the excitement. However, this is also due to the pressing demands of the audience. The new world is constantly changing, and designers have to make sure they cater to the requirements. Graphics have to be up to date, and bonuses lucrative. Casimboo is a name that you will never forget. The online casino is well known for big bonus offers and exciting games. Ingots of Cai Shen Slot gives you the experience to remember.

Chinese themes in the world of online slots aren’t new. Every title has something to offer, and the graphics make the time worth it. Enter the Ingots of Cai Shen Slot, and you will get the best of the Asian theme. The first thing that will strike you is intelligent animation. The imagery is something that stands out, and you enter a new dimension of entertainment.

The game is attractive, and the subtle detailing of the game acts as a boon. In addition to that, the integration of gaming and better gameplay has been a factor. This has attracted a new audience to the game. Ingots of Cai Shen Slot has every aspect optimized to fit on your smaller screens and let you enjoy gambling. So, head to the slot on your phone, and start wagering.

About Ingots of Cai Shen Slot

Microgaming is a name that makes its own space whenever it’s mentioned. The designer has been responsible for various rewarding slots. In fact, every new slot is better in a new way and much more sophisticated. The Ingots of Cai Shen Slot has delivered a fine slot that uses a Chinese theme. In addition to that, some symbols and bonuses add to the innovation. The game is a 6×5 reel, 243 paylines to land up to 2,430 x of your stake.

The designers have paid extra attention to the game’s design. This is why you will appreciate the minute detailing and the aesthetically crafted symbols of the game. You will find theme-related symbols as well as bonus features. They will help you boost your bankroll. It also offers you a betting range. This is affordable as well as makes it easier to bet on the game.

You can start your bets from € 0.25 to €12.50. The betting options have been made much more accessible. So, you won’t have any problem setting a bet in the game. There are also high-paying as well as low-paying options that you must take a look at. Besides that, the game uses HTML technology that makes it easier to load. Irrespective of your device, you get to enjoy the game and all its features. This implies that you can even use your mobile phone to relish the game.


How to Play

The first and foremost thing in playing slots is the way you approach them. You must understand that the initial steps set the mood of the game. However, players should also keep other factors in mind. The first in the line is the paytable and your understanding of it. Having said that, it may take some time to get the hang of the table. It’s equally important to mention that you should keep this at a priority level. It will tell you what to expect of the symbols and how they pay out.

In addition to that, the way you bet is essential. Now that you know the game offers you a betting range, but how do you bet. This will depend on your personal preferences and the amount t you can afford to wager. It goes without saying that it must be decided before you set the reels in motion. Besides that, it will also help you in assessing your final position. In this case, the best is to set the bankroll.

Once you are done with that, the next is to set the bets. Depending on your liking, you can select the bets and let the reels in motion. However, there’s no need to rush. Take some time, make sure that you know the bet, and let the reels in motion. Finally, keep in mind that that you have to wager responsibly. So, understand everything, and make the best of the selection. Above all, don’t forget to have fun.

Ingots of Cai Shen Slot Bonus Features

The game offers you a range of prizes and jackpots that you can cash. The top prize in the game will extend to a massive 2430x of your stake. However, there are other ranges of prizes that you can set your eyes on. Furthermore, you are also provided three jackpots in the game. Land a stack of ingots on the first reel, and it will trigger the Ingots Collect Feature. Here you will get various kinds of cash prizes as well as the Mini, Minor, or Major Jackpots.

The mini jackpot will offer you 25x of your stake, the minor will get you 50x, and the final one will give 250x. In addition to that, there’s also a Mega jackpot where you will get 1000x of your stake. This is triggered when the screen is filled with the Ingot symbols. Furthermore, you will be awarded eight free spins if you land three scatters on reel 3, 4, and five. The first symbol on reel one will cover them all, and a new payout is set. Furthermore, the bonus symbol in the game will multiply your wins, and they can be triggered three times.

This offers you enough chances to make a win. Besides that, you also have the wild symbol that appears as the Cai Shen symbol. Should it appear at the right time, it will boost your bankroll. It’s equally important to say that the win is incredibly boosted when attached to a multiplier. In a nutshell, Ingots of Cai Shen Slot is a game that stands out. The graphics are fantastic, the sounds are excellent, and it has a blend of features that you will never refuse. On top of that, you get to enjoy rich gameplay.