Neon Pyramid Slot

Neon Pyramid Slot at Casimboo

Casimboo is your ultimate spot for slog gaming fun. From the exciting themes to the lucrative bonuses, the online casino offers you better options. The casino has handpicked games for you, better in graphics, and there are generous bonuses to cash. In addition to that, security is not your concern. The casino offers you high-end security by applying multiple security layers. This makes the information secure, and you need not worry about privacy and security issues. Neon Pyramid Slot at Casimboo is one such fun, retro-style slot.

Among its top lot, Neon Pyramid Slot is a game that you don’t want to miss. The graphics are excellent, the gameplay is smoother, and the bonuses are better. The game also does come with multipliers and free spins that will boost your bankroll. Though the game’s volatility is unknown, it does offer a decent RTP to capitalize on your session.

Furthermore, the detailing of the game is superb. This way, the game is able to create an impression of the theme in every sense. Whether that’s the symbols or the transformation of the levels, you are in a better world. Besides the exciting theme, the Neon Pyramid Slot has been optimized to make it convenient for mobile phones. You can start playing the slot without any hassle. The high-class optimization has made it easier to load the game across all your devices.

About Neon Pyramid Slot

The modern online slots are highly advanced and continue to adopt new methods. The software designers make sure that they produce the best. Apart from the regular themes, Inspired Gambling has a lot to offer. Known for its excellence in the arena, the designers have given us many slots that stand out. This is one such of a kind. Neon Pyramid Slot is the production of the designer that approaches the gaming arena with a new style.

The design is aesthetic, especially if you are into the arcade games of the past. In addition to that, the display uses colorful retro-style imagery that creates a beautiful scene. The graphics in this super stylish game are worthy of appreciation. Thanks to the optimization, the game is loadable and playable across various devices. Furthermore, the graphics are better, and the sounds add a beautiful effect to the game. Inspired by the movie Tron, the game uses purple neon, a blue that disappears into the pyramid. Hence the theme. There are various symbols that you must look out for. They not only provide you a boost but also represent the careful design. These include a cassette player, sunglasses, a unicorn, an arcade machine, and a DeLorean.

In addition to this, it’s also equally important to mention that the game uses a retro style. However, the approach of the game is new. This means that it has been optimized to make the session easier. Whatever your device is, navigation is convenient.


How to Play

Neon Pyramid Slot is a retro style that operates on a simplistic approach. However, there are some rules on how to play and how to manage the game. The first and the foremost thing you should do is make sure that you have taken a look at the paytable. This will educate you on the various symbols of the game. Once you are set for the game, then the rest of the track will be more straightforward. To avoid any confusion, knowledge of the paytable is essential.

The next big thing is setting the bets. Thanks to the betting range, you can select your wager from 0.20 per spin up to 25.00 per spin. The betting option is located on the left side of the reel, where you have the up and down button to increase/decrease. In addition to this, the betting range can change depending on the parameters of the slot in various regions.

Besides that, Neon Pyramid Slot also offers you to check your gaming history to learn for any pattern. There are also provisions for the left-hand side and the turbo speed for the game. Even though there’s no autoplay option, you still have a much better demo than the former. Once you’ve set the bets and decided to go for the game, all you have to do is spin the reels. However, it is also essential that you decide the intensity of your bets depending on your finance.

Neon Pyramid Slot Bonus Features

The Neon Pyramid Slot has a variety of bonuses and boosters that will enhance your bankroll. They are not just meant to attract you, but at the same time, help you. The first bonus feature that comes to mind is the Reel Modifier. This is triggered randomly when the 3 and 4 reels turn into wilds. The feature will give you a 3x multiplier. Land one or two bonus symbols on the reels and have the best there is. However, during this round, as the other reels are spinning, you have an increased chance to keep hitting the bonus symbols.

There are also two kinds of free spins – The pyramid feature and the Free Games. Three bonus symbols on the reel trigger the first one. Then you will have activated the pyramid feature. Once you are in the Pyramid feature, you will start from a level. This entails that the round will have a stage, and the number of the stage you are in will depend on the symbols that triggered the round. In addition to that, the level will also have a multiplier value attached to it. The free spins will start when the Pyramid round ends.

 However, you will still have the chance to trigger the pyramid round in the free spins feature. You can also win 5x of your stake just in case the free spins round was productive. The last is quite excellent in a tight budget. This is activated when your balance is lower than your bet amount. You will get a chance to hit the extra spin. However, it should be greater than zero. Finally, the top prize of 10,000x in Neon Pyramid Slot is what you must focus on. After all, the better the prize, the more is the fun.