Pachinko Slot

Pachinko Slot at Casimboo

In our online casino, you will find hundreds of world-class online slots from the likes of NetEnt, Play’n GO and Microgaming. Each of our online slots provides players with something completely unique. From themes and special effects to bonus symbols and extra features, you will find something unique in every title that is available at Casimboo. In the Pachinko Slot, players can experience an innovative online slot that implements appealing aspects from the bingo worlds. Praised for its innovative features, the Pachinko Slot is a creative hybrid that blends features from the world of online slots and bingo. In an industry where lots of games are very similar to one another, this innovative creation from the developers at Microgaming is a breath of fresh air.

At Casimboo, this game attracts players who have lots of different interests. Both new age gamers and traditional players find this game incredibly entertaining. Offering a smooth user experience on all devices, players can choose to play in the traditional manner on PC or they can choose to play via means of a smartphone or tablet. At Casimboo Casino, the Pachinko Slot is ready to play on all devices. Are you ready to spin for prizes worth up to 5,000x the bet per spin? If so, waste no time and sign in to your account to play the Pachinko Slot today.If you are not already a member of Casimboo Casino, it’s super quick and easy to sign up by following the registration process.

About Pachinko Slot

Released in 2021 by Microgaming, the Pachinko Slot is an exciting new release into the world of online slots. Including 19 different bingo patterns and an RTP of 95.82%, players can spin the reels to win as much as 5,000 x the bet per spin. Although this online slot does not have a progressive jackpot prize, there is a special jackpot bonus feature. Not only that but there are also special symbols, free spins and free balls. Suitable for players on a budget and players who want to spin for high stakes, the betting options range up to 40 credits per spin. Just because this game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, don’t underestimate its ability to pay out significant cash prizes.

This game has a jackpot of 5,000x and is available to play on both desktop & mobile. Pachinko Slot is a highly innovative slot game that combines high-quality graphics and visuals with immersive gameplay from both bingo and online slots. A real crowd-pleaser, the Pachinko Slot at Casimboo is not to be missed. Implementing an Asian theme, this online slot has a unique charm that is unavailable in other online slots on the market. The Japanese white cat is the symbol that rewards players with the biggest prize.


How to Play

At Casimboo, all of our members can play the Pachinko Slot for free. Also, you can play for real money. To play the Pachinko Slot for real money at Casimboo, we recommend that you first know some of the key details. First of all, the RTP is 95.82%. This is great, but what’s even greater is the fact that the Pochinko Slot from Microgaming is loaded with bonus features. Not only that, the theme, graphics and gameplay features make this online slot one of a kind.

To jump into the action and start spinning for real money, you firstly need to set your bet per spin. Because this is one of the newest online slots in 2021, let us run you through the steps to start playing. To begin with, click on the bet per ticket button. Here, you can choose the amount to bet for each spin. The minimum a player can bet with per spin is 0.05 credits. Meanwhile, the maximum bet per spin is 40 credits. Because this online slot utilises a bingo ticket layout with four reel grids, every bet per spin will receive a 4x multiplier. When you are satisfied with your bet per spin, simply click the play button that is situated on the right-hand side of the screen.

When the game begins to play, the bingo element starts to come to life. The bingo balls will fall into the tube where you will see if they align or not. Players have the chance to purchase additional bingo balls in the extra menu. Alternatively, simply click on the blue X if you don’t want to add an additional bingo ball. Players have the chance to go hands-free by enabling the autoplay feature. Because this online slot was released in 2021 from Microgaming, you can expect all of the best features found in modern-day slots.

Pachinko Slot Bonus Features

In this unique online slot from Microgaming, there are several special features that add to the overall charm of the game. Get ready for an Asian themed bingo slot from Microgaming that is extremely immersive and loaded with great bonus features. First of all, it is possible to win the maximum prize that is worth 5,000x your bet by activating the jackpot feature. To activate the jackpot in the Pachinko Slot, players need to enable all four tickets. Players will win the bingo prize when all of the first 30 balls appear. Players activate the free balls feature after triggering the double line. When this happens, players can win up to 5 free balls to play with.

Additional balls have the possibility of being free balls. It’s possible to purchase additional balls. If you choose to do this, there is the chance that you will activate the wild ball feature. Basically, this is where you will receive a wild ball after purchasing an additional ball. When players get a wild ball, they have the chance to choose any other number to replace it. As a result, players can create a higher chance of winning. In the Pachinko Slot game, there is a shelf with five tiers where you will see Maneki Neko cats. These little feline friends have their own rewards and their own individual colours. In the Maneki Neko bonus feature, players get to select one of these cats to reveal a prize.