Prison Escape Slot at Casimboo

With slot games practically dominating when it comes to just about every online casino, we want to be able to give you the most impressive ones around. Therefore, having a stocked library is a vital factor in this here at Casimboo Casino. As a result, the collection we have on offer for players would not be anything without Prison Escape Slot. This slot game really takes an inventive way to play to another level, and you can be sure that we want to offer it to our players. It offers players a unique prison-based theme and is a perfect example of how gameplay can be improved in modern-day online slots games. 

Prison Escape online Slot keeps in with its prison theme throughout the gameplay, using some iconic prison items as symbols. Alongside the regular A, K, Q, and J icons, you will see some of the prison inmates used as well as a prison guard symbol. But what makes this game stand out if the fully interactive bonus featured included. Therefore, we felt that this game was needed in our library of slot games offered to our players. 

Finding Prison Escape Slot within our library is a very simple process. With it being such an interesting take on slot games we definitely need to include it in our featured list. However, if you are already in our library, there are a number of ways you can navigate to play Prison Escape Slot. You can use our filter feature to navigate to the games developer sub-section. Alternatively, you can use our game search bar bringing you directly to the slot title.

About Prison Escape Slot

Prison Escape Slot is a pretty recent release in comparison to many other top slot games, being released early 2020. The great game is the result of many years of experience in developing slot games at Inspired Gaming. Having been a well-known name in the market for many years, they have produced many fantastic slot games in the past. With Prison Escape Slot really showing what they are capable of incorporating into a slot game. 

When first starting Prison Escape Slot you will be introduced with a 5×3 slot game layout. These are the reels with the columns of icons spinning. Down each side of the interface, you are shown the controls of the game. The symbols displayed in the centre add to the whole prison theme, and this is the game function that resembles a slot game the most. The game layout does not indicate the pay lines, however, there are 10 pay lines used in Prison Escape Slot.

With the genius features that Prison Escape Slot uses, we are sure that is will hold the interest of our players here at Casimboo Casino. If you are looking for something different added to a slot, this is surely the game for you. 


How to Play

Like all online slot games, Prison Escape Slot uses an RNG to give a fair and random outcome every time. With optimum play, this slot game offers an impressive 96.3% return to player rate. You can be assured that this is the case here at Casimboo Casino. This is because all of our games using this technology are audited regularly. However, with Prison Escape Slot this can differ. This is depending on how you play the feature rounds that are incorporated into the gameplay. 

When it comes to playing Prison Escape Slot, the way you play is similar to many other slot games such as Riches of Robin and Ice Ice Yeti. You can change the value of your coin from 0.1 to 40. Once you have set this you are ready to spin the reels, with the aim of getting a combination on a pay line. Landing a combination will give you a reward, with the rewards varying to the symbols you have. 

This game does offer some built-in features such as an auto spin button. Using this will allow you to make some pre-requisites to the number of spins it will undertake. However, once the feature is set it will then undertake the number of spins set automatically for you. This makes the whole slot gaming experience with Prison Escape Slot quick and easy. However, the best part of the game is the bonus features that have been added. They have been included to drastically change what is possible to include in modern-day slot games. 

Prison Escape Slot Bonus Features

As mentioned a number of times, the bonus rounds incorporated within this slot are very impressive. It can be activated at any time with the gamble button that is displayed. Pressing this will send 2 crooks down the zip line with your winnings, leading into the bonus rounds. The overall aim of the rounds is to escape with all of your winnings. You do this by getting to the other side of each room, with the first giving you 23x the loot. There are three bonus round rooms that you must manoeuvre the crooks through. Each room comes with increasing difficulty, however, the multiplier increases with each. 

As far as bonus rounds included in slot games are, this has to be one of the most unique and inventive to be added. The gameplay is almost like a board game, using the RNG as dice to move your characters and the loot. You will notice a walkie talkie feature at the bottom of the screen during the bonus. This offer you tips on how to get the highest possible payback while in the bonus. The bonus experience does not stop there as at the end of the journey through the rooms you are presented with the Paradise Wheel. Giving this a spin can result in you getting 1000x your winnings. 

Because of the gameplay aspects and the high possible reward while playing Prison Escape Slot, it doesn’t need much else. With the total possible win totalling 1000x your stake, there is no need for a jackpot feature to be added. This slot game focuses more on the quality of the gameplay offered rather than trying to impress with big jackpot offers. All of this high-quality slot gaming comes hand in hand with a very enjoyable bonus round, win or lose.