Psycho Candies Slot

Psycho Candies Slot at Casimboo

Casimboo is not your usual online casino. From the high-end security to the excellent graphics, the casino makes sure to trigger your appetite. In addition to that, multiple online slots and games will make every moment worth it. Additionally, the casino offers you hand-picked games to deliver on the needs of the players. Whether you are into gaming or gambling, entering the casino will offer you the best. Though the Psycho Candies Slot has been launched recently, the game has managed an overwhelming crowd.

The graphics are superb, the sounds are better, and you are in the right place with a whopping number of bonuses. The colourful imagery of the game gives you a taste of excellence. However, if you’re looking for lucrative bonuses, then there is a lot that will appeal to you. Trigger the bonuses or the free spins. Your game adds a fun factor to your time. Furthermore, there are four progressive multipliers and a variety of winning combinations. Following an exciting theme and adding the best graphics, the designers have done their part to make it more attractive.

The game has candies of all sorts scattered all around the reels. Their colors and flavors make the game juicier. Moreover, the quality animation and the cartoonish feature in the graphics add an extensive feature to the game. From the low-paying to the high-paying, Psycho Candies Slot offers you an aesthetic experience. With better gameplay and high-class graphics, the slot is filled with gaming as well as gambling fun. At Casimboo, this multiplies with the multiple layers of security and additional services. 

About Psycho Candies Slot

The casino industry has transformed a lot in recent years. In matters of graphics, the new slots are much better in their gameplay. The software designers are on their toes to understand the market’s pulse and deliver on that. Gluck Studio is known for its excellence in the market, but with Psycho Candies Slot, they stand aside. Released in the spring of 2020, the game reaches out to the players in a unique way. There are colourful symbols, candies on the reels, and a chance to hit a decent win.

Following a background of blue and purple, the graphics of the game live up to the expectation. So, if you are looking for the candy-crush style slot, this is the place for you. Operating on the six reels and the six rows, there are cluster symbols, jackpot, massive wins, and wilds to trigger. In addition to that, the game does offer you better RTP at 97.5%, and if you’re lucky, then 5000x is in your bag. Coming to the betting ranges, Psycho Candies Slot allows you to wager from £0.20 – £20/spin.

 This is more convenient for those who are looking to manage their bankroll. Optimization is a factor that can’t be looked out. The software designers have ensured that the game is loadable. The smooth navigation offers you gameplay which you can enjoy across various devices. Whether you are using an android or a desktop, Psycho Candies Slot runs smoothly. The graphics are clear irrespective of the device. It uses HTML5 technology that makes it easier to navigate and optimize for your various devices.


How to Play

Irrespective of the high-end programming, the navigation as well as the initiation of the game is simple. The colourful candy-style game is easy to play and easier to understand. However, you must first take a look at the paytable to understand the symbols. Furthermore, take some time to ascertain your position and the wagers that you are willing to afford on the spin. In this regard, the betting range of the game is a boon in the session.

Once you are done with your preparation, the rest of the start is as easy as it gets. First, the wager. Make sure that you know how much you will put in per spin. The plus and minus buttons on the screen will allow you to set the betting limit. Set these according to your affordability. In addition to that, you can access the game set to decide whether you want the regular, turbo, or super turbo speed. The second is to spin the reels with the start button.

However, if you are willing to go for the auto play, then the limits must be decided. Thirdly, and finally, make sure to play responsibly. Besides all that, the game also offers you a limited demo mode. This will be beneficial for those who are hesitant to go for the spin. Once you are done with understanding and how the game plays out, you can go for the natural round.

Psycho Candies Slot Bonus Features

Living to the theme, the bonus features are designed in such a way that it adds to the excitement. Various kinds of juicy bonuses will give you a taste of the candies. Psycho Candies Slot plays out differently, and there are a lot of bonuses to corroborate that. The first that will stroke your curiosity is the Bonus Jelly Feature. When you have collected enough bonus symbols, these then trigger the feature. These symbols are converted to jellies, and then they give out various prizes.

You can either get the free spins to form the jackpot wheel or land the free spin symbols. With the addition of the cascading multiplier, they will certainly boost your play. Land the four symbols and get 12 free spins bonuses. Adhering to the same rule, for every extra symbol, you will get additional free spins bonuses. In addition to that, nothing can replace the Unlimited Cascading Multiplier. Land the four or more matches, and the cascade will trigger. Connect the Bomb feature, and let the symbols explode.

Coming to the jackpot, Psycho Candies Slot offers a better outcome on your wager. You have an ample opportunity to trigger the jackpot where you can win various cash prizes. However, this has a level where the outcome ranges from 4x to 150x, but that’s not the one you’re looking for. The top multiplier can land you a 5200x of your wager. Moreover, there are a variety of symbols that you can trigger to boost your game.