Punk Rocker Slot at Casimboo

At Casimboo Casino, our aim is to give players the most diverse collection of the top slot games available. We want to be the best place around that you can play your favourite online slots. To do this, we need to have the best game collection possible. Therefore, there was no doubt that we had to include Punk Rocker Slot. As this slot game is so out there, it is the perfect gem of a game to have featured alongside many well-known titles. 

This eye-catching slot game really pushes the boundaries on what a slot game is based on. With surrounding graphic featuring punk rock imagery, it is sure to please anyone still into the genre. Some of the icons used within the gameplay are similar to famous modrock art. Therefore, there is no surprise to see icons of Churchill and Chimpanzees. It even has multiple bonus rounds on offer for players lucky enough to get to one. These are just a snippet of the features the game offers to give an unforgettable experience. 

With Punk Rocker Slot being so eye-catching, it has proven to be quite a popular game. As a result, you will find this game in our featured slot game collection. If you find yourself already in our game library, you can add a filter to the slot games to bring up certain developers. However, the quickest way to access this slot is by typing the name into the search bar that is offered. 

About Punk Rocker Slot

Online casinos are not ready for the mayhem that comes with Punk Rocker Slot, as this recent release was launched in early 2020. This slot is a fantastic example of what the developers, NoLimit City who also produced Ice Ice Yeti, are really capable of. It brings a lot of colour from the punk rock genres that some people still love, along with exciting slot gaming. 

When you first enter the world of Punk Rocker Slot, you are immediately welcomed by a 5×3 traditional slot layout. However, you will notice a 6th reel that remains locked until you get the corresponding bonus. With such a traditional layout, anyone who has played a slot game before can easily join in the mayhem. However, this game does offer an impressive number of pay lines which total 243. This means there are a huge number of possible ways to win while playing. 

With Casimboo being a new launch, we think it ought to have the very latest games. As a result, we think that Punk Rocker Slot is the perfect candidate for our new game library. Bringing all of the best and latest features to our player. Therefore, we expect that it will be even more popular than it already it. This is because it has already found its way into our most popular featured slots offered. To make it into this cut, you must really stand out with something special on offer for players. Punk Rocker slot fits that perfectly with plenty on offer for its players. 


How to Play

With Punk Rocker Slot being a recent release in the terms of online slot games. It follows the industry-standard technology for getting the outcome of each spin. This is commonly known as RNG software, and is used throughout the market. You can be sure that every game that uses and RNG at Casimboo casino has been audited to ensure a fair and random result from every spin. This is where the return to player rate is programmed to give the predicted return. For Punk Rocker Slot, this is 96.54%. 

As Punk Rocker Slot follows the more traditional play style of most slot games, it is simple to transfer any existing playing skills you may have. The controls of the game are found on each side of the playboard, which gives you control of your coin value. This can be set between 0.25 and 100. Once this has been set, you are ready to press the spin button. The aim is to get winning combinations on any of the many pay lines that this game offers. Resulting in you getting paid out some winnings.

You may notice some other buttons around the play interface. These are the auto-spin option and the max bet button. The max bet button will automatically raise your bet to the maximum possible. Whereas, the auto-spin option will carry out the spins of the game for you. All depending on the setting that you put in. Both of these features are commonly seen throughout slot games and are put in to generally make things a lot easier for the player. 

Punk Rocker Slot Bonus Features

To keep up with all of the slot games that are being released nowadays, the developers have to include bonus rounds. It can be said that the more unique and interesting these rounds are, the more popular the game is going to be. Punk Rocker Slot does not disappoint in the in-game bonus options. It has over 5 different bonuses that players can claim. 

The wild symbols of the game are represented by a lit Molotov cocktail and can be used a number of ways to activate a bonus. However, the best icon to look out for it the Riot Repsins icon. This is the scatter symbol of the game and is the key symbol to unlocking the 6th reel. While this 6th reel is in play, it dramatically boosts the possible ways to win up to an incredible 46,646. As you can expect, landing a good combination with this activated can lead to some impressive winnings to be had. 

Jackpots are often what attracts players to a game, however, Punk Rocker Slot has no need for one. The winnings you can potentially land once that last reel is unlocked give a very healthy amount. Along with the other bonuses that are offered, there is no need to make it more complicated. We feel that adding a jackpot to this game would be one step too far. The slot game is already looking to top the charts in popularity.