Play Sevens & Fruits Slot at Casimboo Casino

Sevens & Fruits Slot at Casimboo

Here at Casimboo Casino, we always want to provide the very best online casino service. One of the factors of this is giving our members access to our whole library of slot games what we have created. However, that games library needs to be constantly updated with the freshest titles. Sevens & Fruits Slot is one of the newest titles to hit our library, and we are going to explain all of the features so you know all about it. 

We love slot games of all kinds, especially ones that really make it simple for players to enjoy. With Sevens & Fruits Slot the simplicity of the game makes this an ideal candidate for a beginner game. If you are looking for a firey but simple game to play, Sevens & Fruits Slot may be the one for you. To play this fantastic slot game, you will have to become a member of our casino. Once you are a member, the game can be found within our gaming lobby. 

About Sevens & Fruits Slot

Sevens & Fruits Slot is developed by Playson, who have been developing games ever since 2012. With a good few years under their belt, you can see from the quality of the games they produce that they know what they are doing. Sevens & Fruits Slot is one of their landmark games and really shows what these guys can do nowadays. Being released in April 2018, it also happens to be one of their most popular online slots games. 

When you first enter the game, you are met with an animated background with a very hot design. The fire that seems to burn in the background adds a great touch to the game. With very clear controls laid across the bottom of the display. You can see your total account balance along with the total bet you want to place. The actual game itself uses high-quality images of traditional icons everyone recognises. 

Since adding this slot game to our extensive library, it seems to have gone from strength to strength. Proving to be a popular title among our members. We suspect that it will continue to keep getting this reaction and also keep growing in its popularity. 


How to Play

In general, slot games are known for their simplicity of play. This has helped boost their popularity within the casino industry, as now they have become the most played kind of game online. The basic idea is to input a credit, spin the reels and hope for a winning combination. With online slot games, there are many edits that you can make. This helps improve the gameplay that players receive.

With Sevens & Fruits Slot, in particular, the developers have gone to great lengths to create the most simple of controls. There are arrow buttons that allow you to change your bet size. However, there is a way to increase the bet you place to the maximum allowed. This is done using the ‘Max Bet’ button. Once you have set your bet amount, you are ready to press the spin button. This is indicated by the round green and gold button to the right.

The symbols used are reminiscent of the slot games of old. As a result, you will see they the classic fruit icons are used as well as a ‘7’. The use of these symbols that display in high quality is fantastic. They animate perfectly no matter the device you are playing Sevens & Fruits Slot from. One symbol that does stand out is the golden star icon. This symbol is the games scatter symbol and has some unique traits. We will explore these traits further down.

One thing that does stand out with this game compared to other Playson slot games is the paylines. Down each side of the game, you will see the numbered paylines indicated. Having this feature really helps players see where the combinations are. It is these little touches that make Sevens & Fruits Slot such a gem among the thousands of games you may see.

Sevens & Fruits Slot Bonus Features

Bonus features can be the make or break of an online slot game. Many developers include them in their games to make them more enjoyable for players. You will see when playing slot games that bonus features have now taken a world of their own. As a result, some slot games now include a mini-game as a bonus feature. These always have mixed reactions from players.

We mentioned above that the special star symbol that is included within the Sevens & Fruits Slot is the scatter icon. This icon has some special traits that really improve the play experience. One of the traits is that they pay a reward independently of a winning payline. As a result, just landing these icons will give you a reward. These rewards vary on the number of stars landed after each spin. Landing 3 stars will reward a player 200 coins, whereas, 4 will see a 1000 coin reward given. The real gem here though is the 5 star reward, giving players a total of 5000. This kind of bonus feature keeps the game simple and does not take away from the actual gameplay of the slot game.

Comparing this feature to other slot games would be unfair. This is because the developers have gone for simplicity here, while others go for more complicated games. The elegance and simplicity are what makes this game ideally suited for all kinds of player. Whether you are a new or experienced player Sevens & Fruits Slot has something to give to everyone. While you might say that the lack of other bonus features makes the game boring, we find that this is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of online slot games. The high-quality display and colours, along with the smooth animations, more than make up for any other features this game lacks from while playing.