Starburst Slot at Casimboo

Here at Casimboo Casino, we want to become the place to be when it comes to slot games. To do that, we have compiled a huge library of the slot games that we offer players. This library contains some of the most popular online slot games in the market. Therefore, right at the top of the is Starburst Slot. With its high popularity among the online casino industry, there was no doubt that we would provide our players with this game. It is a fantastic example of how the game has been brought into the modern-day era. Using vibrantly coloured icons of gems, it makes the fast-spinning slot game easy to follow. A couple of the other icons used include the familiar 7 symbol and also the Starburst Slot logo. 

It is easy to find Starburst Slot within our game library. As it is so well known, it features in multiple different lists. When you load up the casino lobby, the first list of games you are shown is the featured list. This will contain Starburst Slot as it has held its position in the top slot games to play for many years. However, it also features in many other lists on our casino lobby such as the slots game page. This will bring up only the slot games that we offer making it easier to look for Starburst Slot. You can use the filters that we offer to distinguish between the slot game developers. 

About Starburst Slot

Starburst Slot was developed in 2013 and launched the same year. It came as a result of the combined years of experience at NetEnt. They have been making online slots for a number of years, therefore have developed a knack for developing great hit games. With Starburst Slot being the most played of all the games they have launched. 

When you load up the game you will be met by the traditional layout of a slot. For this game, it is a 5×3 layout. Meaning there are five columns with three rows to display the icons. Therefore, it is easy to see if you have matched some in a line. However, the game does contain 10 pay lines that will give you a reward. The controls of the game are positioned along the bottom of the screen, which is used to control the varying aspects of your bets. With the vibrant colours and theme used, it makes gameplay on Starburst Slot pleasing to interact with.

Having such a big slot game withing our library has proven to be a hit with the players. With it already making its way into our own featured slots list. We can predict that it is going to stay on the list of most popular for a long time. After all, it has held its place since 2013 with no slot game managing to beat that record. This great game works flawlessly no matter what device you are playing on, which is one of the factors to its success within the market. 

How to Play

If you are not familiar with the aspects of online slot games such as Starburst Slot. They work just like the traditional machines, however, the result is given a different way. Because the games are digitalized, the action needs to be done in a different way. The industry standard for this is using software called an RNG. Here at Casimboo, all of the games that use this technology hold auditing certifications which ensure a fair and random result on every spin. 

With Starburst Slot, in particular, you can bet a coin valued between 0.01 and 1. With the possibility of placing a coin on all 10 lines, it makes it for an exciting experience on every spin. Therefore, when you have chosen your coin size, you are ready to press the spin button. As a result, you will then see the reels spin. The magic happens when they stop! Depending on how many lines you have placed a bet on, the wins will be shown in different ways. As you would expect, with more lines bet on means more chance of getting a return. Many players will be pleased to know that the return to player on this game is 96.09%.

You can skip the whole process of spinning the reels by using the games built-in auto spin feature. This will automatically carry out the number of spins you have pre-set into the setting. This is a feature implemented to make the game much easier to play.

Starburst Slot Bonus Features

Much like Starburst Slot, most online slot games feature a bonus round. These are incorporated into the game to change up the gameplay and make it more interesting for the player. Starburst Slot features a very well known bonus that player can use, the expanding wilds. The wilds are represented by the games logo and if landed in the central 3 reels, the corresponding reel will lock. This means that this reel will remain still with this kind of wild. 

With this activated, the expanded wilds will remains sticky for 3 free re-spins. This allows you to build up an impressive amount of winnings. However, once the 3 spins are over the wild will no longer keep the reel locked and the game will resume back to normal. This bonus round has proven to be a huge hit with slot game players online and is one of the aspects that has made Starburst slot a featured slot here.

Jackpots are a big thing when it comes to online slot games, however, Starburst slot is not connected to one. This does not take away from the fact that the game has an impressive maximum win. The key to getting this is by landing three of the expanding wild icons in the central three reels. When they lock-in and keep the reels still, you can use the opportunity to build your winnings to a whopping 50,000 coins. For a slot game with such a low initial stake, this huge maximum win is a very welcomed in-game feature. We’ve also stock top of the range online slots like; Punk Rocker, Grand Spinn and Starburst. Check out their full slot details.