Play Temple of Ausar Jackpot Slot at Casimboo Casino

Temple of Ausar Jackpot Slot at Casimboo

The themes ingrained with the Egyptian storyline have been appealing to the gaming crowd for a long time. With the advent of the new age of online slots, the games have managed to entice new demographics. In the same category is the Temple of Ausar Jackpot Slot. The unique storyline of the Egyptian ‘judge of the dead’ adds more than enough for the gamblers attracted. However, the slot coincides with the Temple of Isis that is equally exciting. However, the other game lacks various features. These are the graphics and appeal which the Temple of Ausar has managed to handle with excellence. It provides a modern gaming experience to exhibit the highest standards of gaming entertainment at an online casino.

Likewise, the enhanced graphics and high-tech sounds add to the realism. The imagery and the overall experience may seem aesthetic. The additional bonuses and the promotional offers on the play make it more pleasing devoid of any dullness. It is smooth running across various platforms like Android, desktop, and Apple. This makes it convenient to navigate and gamble on.

Furthermore, the designers of the Temple of Ausar have done a considerable amount of work to ensure smooth play. They have set it apart from the redundancy of the old-retro style games and have it all the more interesting with some exciting features.

About Temple of Ausar Jackpot Slot

Among the various software designers that make the gaming world, quite a few hold themselves on the summit. Though the modern options are many, a reputable name behind a game cements the slot’s promotion. Designed by Eyecon, it was released on April 12th, 2017. Over three years, it has succeeded in attracting a variety of demographics appealing to both gamers and gamblers. Temple of Ausar Jackpot Slot is an Egyptian-themed 5 reel and 25 pay line slots. Compared to its previous titles like Beat the Bobbies, Eyecon has outdone itself in graphics and the innovative storyline. Moreover, sophisticated graphics and intelligent design have allowed the slot game to satisfy the gaming appetite.

The Temple of Ausar Jackpot progresses through a very thoroughly detailed storyline. Here the Egyptian-themed story benefits from playing the modern-age video slot. The modern technological advancements have enhanced the game to be much better at execution than its counterparts. The story develops as you enter the temple of Ausar’s. There, you’re exposed to the two gods. They will guide your journey as you make your way through the traps and hurdles. Based on traditional Egyptian mythology, the game has excellent bonuses and generous rewards to reap. Eyecon follows a similar pattern in designing matters. With the introduction of the Temple of Ausar Jackpot Slot, Eyecon has surely outdone and surprised everyone. In comparing its earlier releases, the slot is much better in design and appeals among the crowd.


How to Play

It’s very crucial to understand the management of money before you can wager any amount on gambling. Your task is to make the gambling session both congenial and sensible at the same time. However, that’s only feasible when you’re considering the paradigms of the slots. Another example of thorough preparation is to understand the pros and cons of playing. You can judge how it operates as the game progresses. Back to the betting, the initial betting starts at 0.01, eventually increasing until all the lines can be activated.

It’s equally important to understand the effect and perks of the wild symbols. They can multiply or trigger very lucrative bonus rounds. First, the Isis symbol can multiply your bet up to x450, making it one of the best in the slot. You can land the winning combination on the reels appearing left to right. The algorithm will fill the screen, to double the winnings.

Second is the Ausar symbol that beats even the best of the scatter or wild symbols of slot gaming. The symbol’s appearance can take your return x9500 stake and is the best outcome that you’re offered. Once you’ve taken a look at its paytable and understood all the rules there are, the game starts. On the left side of the slot, you can first set the coins. Then, you can set the number of lines you are wagering on. Furthermore, there is an autoplay option and, lastly, the autoplay feature. However, it’s imperative to understand that rushing into the affair is not a wise act. So, make sure that you take your time and start the spin once you’re ready.

Temple of Ausar Jackpot Slot Bonus Features

With an RTP of 95.43 and low volatility, the Temple of Ausar is interesting. It offers a decent opportunity to capitalize on the various bonuses. It has striking features good enough to pull any gamer to its side. There are symbols like Cobra, Scrab, the Eye of Ra, and the sceptre. They can boost your game at any time of their appearance. In addition to the bonus rounds, the game allows you to trigger the extra bonuses during the triggered sessions. In matters of appearance, the designers have done an appreciative job. They have ensured the slot’s appealing look, which is also exhibited through the occurrence of the various symbols.

The Isis symbol will trigger a free round when you line three or more of them. This is in addition to the whopping Ausar symbols paying out x9500 coins. Similarly, the Scarab and the Eye of Ra has an x950. Then come Tame the Cobra and Pharaoh’s guardian at x450. In the second place, you have the Ankh and sceptre symbols. They can trigger you an outcome of x250 if you collect the five of them. Lastly, the pictograms will offer you between x125 to x100.