Tetris Slot at Casimboo

Slots are a game we all know and love. Considering they have been around more than a century, you would think they would decrease in popularity, right? No chance, because spinning the reels to match some symbols remains a favourite pastime for many around the world. Every online casino loves to offer them on their website and players enjoying playing them as a form of entertainment. For example, at Casimboo, you have so many choices in one place. We love to provide the best new gaming experiences to your front door. One of those examples is the classic game of Tetris Extreme Mega Drop. This is available in Tetris Slot format on our site.

Since 1895, Slots have been a regular source of enjoyment for many people who frequent a casino. Now instead of going down your local, you can stay at home if you wish. That means great games like Tetris Slot 24/7 on multiple devices. Casimboo provides the perfect platform to do just that. You can spend hours playing Slots and a number of other games. Some might like card games more such as Poker or Roulette for pure adrenaline. However, for variety and simplicity, online slots can not be beaten.

So many different themes, characters, bonuses, and features are at your fingertips. Each one brings a new and exciting challenge to your screen. Some are based on movies, while others are based on famous explorers. The best developers like Netent and Microgaming ensure new titles are available consistently so you can mix it up. We provide the same on our website at Casimboo. Loads of great Slots games to play in one convenient place.

About Tetris Slot

While Tetris has been around for some time now and adored by hundreds of thousands in multiple countries, Tetris Extreme Mega Drop slot only recently made its way to the casino world. Developers always have to think up new innovative ways to bring exciting a Tetris Slot to your screen. And Scientific Games thought what better thing to do than merge a classic game with a brilliant online slots experience. A masterstroke of genius just for you. Now you can enjoy the similar shapes and symbols that have been on millions of screens for decades.

The developers behind it all are Scientific Games, who have produced a number of wonderful casino games for players to enjoy all levels. Wanting to push the boat out further in 2019, they decided to create and release a Tetris Slot game that would appeal to any game lover. Step forward Tetris Extreme Mega Drop on the 20th of November. Diversifying out to the igaming industry, it is a stroke of genius to combine nostalgic gaming with a modern Slot experience. Excellent graphics, the typical line clears and iconic Tetriminos of such vibrant colours will adorn your screens.

Let’s discover why it is so loved and how we brought it to your screens.Players really like the striking similarity to the gaming classic in a this Tetris Slot environment. The fun shapes bring out the adrenaline in all of us. Who doesn’t remember the blood pumping around the body in excitement as the music sped up and you struggled to fit all the shapes into one block in time? It gets the juices flowing and it looks like the case with our current players at Casimboo, who love to combine fun gaming with real money wins.


How to Play

So has the game changed much since its creation 35 years ago? You might not need to turn and twist the blocks anymore, because they all line up together neatly on a screen to give you lots of cool features and prizes as a Slots title. Tetris Extreme Mega Drop is already really well received by our gamers at Casimboo and there are multiple reasons for that. They love the simplicity of Tetris Slot brought to life on one of the easiest games you can enjoy at a casino.

Loads of players prefer Slots over card and table games, particularly when you consider the fast pace we all live at now. Therefore, a relaxing game of Slots on the go is preferred to the complexity of a poker game against top gamers or the anticipation you get from watching the ball roll around the wheel of Roulette. Slots require little knowledge or effort, so many players prefer that as a relatively easy form of entertainment on any device. With Tetris Extreme Mega Drop, there’s not much to grasp but plenty to earn as a reward. You get not just cool graphics with Tetris Slot, but 10 rows of seven reels. That means multiple variations that you could possibly win. Whether playing for real money or just for fun, it’s an interesting challenge at Casimboo.

Tetris Slot has a fairly high return to player percentage of 96.09%, another reason players like Slots over card or table games that traditionally have lower chances of success against the casino house edge. The higher the percentage, the greater the chance of a payout. A key selling point for this game is the multi-level jackpot system available to players. And there is plenty more where that came from, which you can discover in more depth below.

Tetris Slot Bonus Features

While Slots as discussed offers improved odds for success in comparison to Roulette as an example, players still lookout for one thing. And that is bonuses. They keep the industry ticking along because it entices new customers and keeps the current players returning for more. Casinos are a business after all and Casimboo is no different. At Casimboo, Slots are one of our favourite categories and we want to provide great games for our customers, such as Tetris Slot Extreme Mega Drop. We noticed lots of players who like this slot, also like Prison Escape and Punk Rocker.

They do not guarantee success, which we have to emphasise, but they can sometimes tip the advantage in your favour. Slots are a luck of the draw, but who would turn down a bonus if presented to them in any form of life? For example with Tetris Extreme Mega Drop, they have not only three progressive jackpots but respins too. That is without mentioning a clear line multiplier and cluster win opportunities as well. For instance, to get free spins the aim is to unlock a golden Tetris block. It helps to remove those dreaded and unwanted lines, creating room for a multiplier of times five value. With the potential to get more than one jackpot, it is worth checking out Tetris Slot at Casimboo.