Wheel of Luck Slot

Wheel of Luck Slot at Casimboo

The owners of Casimboo have been around online casinos for a long time now. Throughout its transformation, it has managed to understand the market. Now, there is nothing that you can’t do at the online casino. You have a vast collection of games and online slots. On top of that, you will see that the online casino has been designed particularly for gambling. So, you won’t find any problem wagering your money. Wheel of Luck Slot will make you try your luck in a fun way.

In addition to that, there are various kinds of offers and exclusive games that the casino offers. With better graphics and excellent gameplay, they indeed appeal to the audience. Wheel of Luck Slot is not new to the arena. However, it has been designed way back in 2014 and has been doing rounds ever since. The games offer you ample chances to multiply the wins and spice it up.

Furthermore, if you mention graphics, then this is approaching the game in a unique style. The designers have done a tremendous job with the graphics. The imagery is better than most. Besides that, you also get game navigation that will speak for itself. Whether you are using the desktop or the mobile, you get to enjoy the game without any hassle. So, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, you can load the game and make sure that you have fun. The graphics are loadable, and you can do all the functions on the modern mobile phones.

About Wheel of Luck Slot

Tom Horn Gaming is a well-known name in the design of casino games, especially slot games. The designer’s production is elegant and it caters to the demands of the gamblers. This is the same thing that the designers have delivered with the Wheel of Luck Slot. The slot machine uses a different operating grid. You will have the reel 2 and 4 with four rows, and the three will have 5.

This design is to make the game enjoyable. In addition to that, it also offers a massive 720 ways to win. You will have a lot of chances in the game to win the game. However, keep that in mind that you can constantly adjust with the smaller wins also. Just in case you are a beginner, then small wins will be fine. In addition to that, should you get lucky, then there’s a lot of decent-paying symbols as well.

Besides that, the most striking feature in the game is its animation. The designers have made sure that they make the game exciting as possible. So, detailing is something that you can’t escape. Though the game a fewer option, but it sure does make up for it. It offers you an RTP that is a little lesser than the average. The RTP is 94. 1%. Besides that, the games use HTML5 technology that makes it easiest to load the game. Additionally, the navigation has become much smoother and better.


How to Play

The Wheel of Luck Slot is like the other slots. The slots vary from one another, so you will have to be careful about mixing them up. The game plays out smoothly, and you get to enjoy the game from any device. However, before you start betting, you need to keep certain things in mind. The first thing is to make sure that you have a betting strategy.

Once you are in the game, you will not want to be stuck. So, you must know how much to wager on a spin and a game. Once you learn all the tricks, you can start by taking a look at the paytable. This is what will tell you everything there is to know about the game. ‘It’s equally important to mention that it may take a while.

You don’t have to make it difficult. Just a scan will do. In addition to that, it will also help you assess the gaming session. Once you are done with the betting settings, the next is to wager. This means to your money in the game, and let the reels spin. However, take an assessment of your situation one more time and then let the reels spin. If you are going for a long slot gaming session, it is better to start the bets slowly. This way, you will develop the game and the bets.

Wheel of Luck Slot Bonus Features

The first bonus that comes to mind is the Wild. Wheel of Luck represents it. If you land five or more on the combination, you will trigger the game’s top prize. This is 10,000x. In addition to that, you also get 1,000x or 1,00x of your stake if you get three images. Furthermore, you also have Stacked Bars. This scatters symbol will pay you an amount. The final amount can range from 25x to 100x. The game has low-paying as well as high-paying symbols.

In addition to that, if you trigger a mansion, then you will get 1,000x of your stake. You will have to land five matching characters. The multiplier will range from 50x to 200x. Furthermore, you will get 600x if you collect the car images in the game. The game will also offer you 150x or 30x. Similarly, the Helicopter has a 400x. If you land the five icons, then this is yours. There’s also a 300x of your stake. If you land five identical pictograms, you can get up to 300x of your stake.

There are also card symbols. It ranges from the high-paying Kings and Ace 200x, then Queen and Jack 100x. Various other cards offer you diversity in gambling. Besides that, the game has been designed to make gambling an easy affair. Whether you are betting or setting the game, the options are convenient. Wheel of Luck Slot offers you rich gameplay, a better bonus, and an animation that makes the whole theme worth it. At Casimboo, the fun is unlimited, and the platform is sophisticated. Enter the online casino and have an experience that speaks for itself.